Ask Gossip Girl: Should I Chase Mr. Popular?

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Dear Gossip Girl,

There is this guy that I absolutely adore. The problem, is he lives far away from me, works a ton and is in this band that is trying to get going. I’ve tried so many times to get him to hang out and he never will. I almost stopped believing that he was that busy but then a friend of mine that knows him told me it wasn’t a lie.

I guess my real problem is how can I get Mr. Busy to hang out?

–Lost and Confused 


My Lovely Losty,

I have two words for every girl to learn in 2012: NEVER CHASE. Men have crossed oceans, fought through enemy lines and climbed mountains to get to the woman they love, so if he’s not hanging out with you, he simply doesn’t want to. And alas, that can only mean one thing: he has terrible taste! Cut him and his pathetic musical dreams out of your life and devote the new year to finding a man who can’t get enough of YOU!


Gossip Girl


  1. Priss B3rtha Said:

    I passed threw that, and I fought so hard, I got with him, but then he left me for his carrer. So you better take the advice. Xoxo: B.

  2. Jane Doe Said:

    When a guy is so busy with his work he won’t take you seriously and after all, your relationship si going down. He won’t call you, won’t care and at the end he will excuse with some lie…but honestly, every person have enough time to do something significantly for anyone.

  3. kris Said:

    It is all true, i guess it took this long for me to open my eyes.

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