Music Spotlight: St. Vincent

St. Vincent Black Lace Top

Photo Credit: St. Vincent

In “Crazy, Cupid Love” (Season 5, Episode 15) of Gossip Girl, we attended Nate’s high school throwback party where St. Vincent (aka Annie Erin Clark) played her songs “Cheerleader” and “Cruel” off of the album “Strange Mercy” in the background as all the drama went down.

St. Vincent’s music is a mix of indie rock, pop, and jazz. She plays guitar, bass, organ, and piano, while her music also often features cellos, violins, flutes, clarinets and trumpets. Having grown up in Dallas, Texas, she began playing the guitar when she was 12 and, as a teenager, worked as the tour manager for her uncle’s band Tuck & Patti. She attended Berklee College of Music and then released her debut album “Marry Me” in 2007.

Listen to more of St. Vincent’s music on her MySpace page, and check out the video from the show below! What do you think of the St. Vincent songs that were featured on the episode?


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