WTF Alert: Nail Polish Colors For Guys?

Attention Upper East Siders: there’s a new trend to be aware of, or so says the New York Times. The next time you’re walking down the street, imagine what color nail polish that hottie who’s headed your way is wearing under his fine leather shoes. Apparently this is a thing now: men getting mani/pedis and going for a colored polish instead of clear.

Celebs like David Beckham and my adorable Zac Efron (I’m going to have to overlook his error) have sported colors on their nails in the past. Companies are even starting to capitalize on this by creating nail polish for men. AlphaNail is one in particular — instead of petite bottles, the paint comes in chunky pens that are easier for larger hands to manipulate.

This whole thing just reeks of hipster to me. They took our eyeliner and our skinny jeans. Now this?

What do you think about this trend, my loves? Am I over-reacting or do you feel just as strongly about this as I do?

Zac Efron with nail polish

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  1. Solène Said:

    Boys shouldn’t be wearing nailpolish! I don’t like it :)

  2. Kelsey Said:

    I hate the nail polish incredibly strongly, for sure. But the problem that I noticed first was that atrocity of a mustache.

  3. Katie Said:

    Personally I don’t find nail polish on guys attractive AT ALL, but if they want to wear it, I’m certainly not going to stop them. They should wear what they want, even if what they want isn’t very macho

  4. Josh Said:

    He is one blonde wig away from being Amanda Bynes double, seriously he looks kinda puffy and the over groomed eyebrows are not helping. But the beard kinda makes him look manly (I guess thats what he thinks anyway…)

  5. Who Said:

    Ughh! It looks so dirty ;<

  6. Whitney Said:

    Please don’t start wearing Nail Polish boyss!!! Way too feminine, not attractive and just not a good look overaLL!!!!

  7. Stella Said:

    Whats wrong with it? They want to color their nails, so what? Girls wanted to wear pants at one point and work.

  8. Lucy Said:

    Isn’t there something about painting a nail or two against bullying? I have heard schools doing it. And I think Demi Lovato did something too?

  9. Cherry Said:

    Wait…what!?!? Oh,please don’t!!.It’s horrifyin’!!

  10. Santana Said:


  11. - Said:

    Nail varnish is not exclusive to women. It’s 2013 — people can wear whatever they want.

  12. Lord411 Said:

    As one of GG’s loyal male minions I will say I don’t care for this “malepolish”. In couldn’t understand why eyeliner and skinny jeans but nail polish. I prefer nail polish where to belongs, on the dainty hand of my beau… not my own

  13. pragmatist Said:

    I’m a man and I’ve been wearing “ingrid” by china glaze and other medium browns/blues and have been dabbling in dark greens. I am completely heterosexual and most women that aren’t hardcore kitchen-dwellers or completely inflexible in regards to gender roles have loved it. I have met quite a few women via them stopping me in the grocery store, book store, etc. while out with tevas on and colored toes. Get with it, this trend is not emerging, it’s already trending. See BB Couture has men’s line

  14. Lena Wastyn Said:

    Gay alarm!

  15. Vance Said:

    Im gay and i wouldnt even wear that..I think I wore some Black polish in the 10th grade. At the end of the day I think it looks funny on a grown man.

  16. Kris Said:

    I think it’s kinda cool with goth black, but blue?

  17. Nina Said:

    Umm this is not okay.Guys shouldn’t wear nail polish it just seems really strange.Also no eyeliner! But I guess skinny jeans are slightly okay.

  18. Texmex Said:

    It wasn’t so long ago when the question was whether women would be suitable wives if they wore anything but long dresses…let’s all rejoice in our freedom to express ourselves at last.

  19. Mark Said:

    umm, and you took our pants fashions, flannel shirts, boxer shorts, little league, many male jobs, and about a thousand other things, but that seems to be ok. which BTW it is, but most see it as a one way street. anybody answer why not nail color on guys, other than it’s different from what you’re used to? there is no answer other than that, and hence if you don’t like what you’re not used to, then how do you ever try something new for yourselves?

  20. mike Said:

    come on girls.. why are you alway the first to get all “yuck that’s gay” whenever a man steps outside the narrow boundaries. All we should wear are jeans, cargo shorts to our knees and dull color tee shirts. While you all wear whatever you want..for you, anything goes. Well i hate those baggy long shorts. I hate those baggy long swim trunks (how stupid those things are).. I am trim and wear short shorts, color, skinny jeans, bikinis and my wife loves them on me. Maybe i’ll try nail color.

  21. MickeyMouse Said:

    I’m rocking rainbow stripes on my fingers and solid colors on my toes, and I fucking love it =) So do the ladies =) I’ve gotten a few strange looks, but so what :-) Here in New York, people don’t just judge you on appearance alone, as it seems that most readers of this blog do.

    In any event, its fun and I think it looks cool, so NYAH! =D

  22. Jake Said:

    It’s it odd that many women react negatively when a new style is introduced for men, but when something even ‘way out there’ appears on the scene for women, it’s enthusiastically adopted (like the recent partial shaved hair styles – YUK!). I think guys hands and feet can look much better with some attention mani and/or
    Pedi) and some polish. Hey, it’s just paint – not a sex change!

  23. mark Said:

    OK, ladies, you’re up. Tell everybody what the reason is for your ewww factor, something more definitive than not used to it, real men yadda yadda and so on. Got any real reasons? Really, we want to hear them. But please don’t even think of using the gay argument as that is soooo off base to not be even worthy of consideration. Fair enough?

  24. steve Said:

    Why not, it’s only polish. Both me and my Wife of 27 years like my polish. You have to be confident in yourself and not worry that some people don’t think a man should wear polish. It’ their right to disagree with your choices just as it’s yours to make them. It’s not illegal and hurts no one.
    You will never be happy unless your true to yourself. It’s a fashion choice in just the same way as your choice of clothes hair etc.

  25. Jim Said:

    Married guy here 55. Successful professional, two kids. LOVE toe polish. Don’t care who sees it. Like silver and taupe, sometimes shiny and sometimes matte. But mostly people don’t notice. I can go all over with polish—no one notices. I just have to have some color–it’s my thing. No one has ever said a thing.

  26. Shawn Said:

    I am 43 and would love it if this trend goes mainstream. I would not wear it now because I do not want too appear gay (Not that there is anything wrong with that). I do not see what is so unmanly about wanting to look nice. It seems we are stuck in gender roles meant for the industrial or agrarian cultures. I don’t farm or work in a steel mill (Not that there is anything wrong with that).

  27. Mark Said:

    that’s the issue shawn, it’s not gay at all, and it is about looking nice, adding a bit of body art color god forbid to an otherwise drab canvas. I like it, others may not but that’s their right too, hurts no one and I’m secure in my own self and masculinity to really not care much for what other people think when I do what I like while hurting nobody else. besides, what kind of man would I be if I was scared to do something a bit different because of what others would say? not much.

  28. Lawuan Said:

    Being a guy who is well known on my You Tube Channel for my color nails I don’t find this to be a problem at all. Despite me being a gay guy there are well over a hundred of my subscribers who are straight that have no problem with it. I don’t see any problem with straight guys getting in touch with their feminine side no more than women getting in touch with their tomboy sides.

  29. mark Said:

    there’s a lot more men than you think getting pedicures and color today. they’re just not brave enough to show it yet. a salon in ny said that 80% of their male pedi customers get color or at least clear. life is short, people really don’t care, about you or what you do. they do make judgment but out of sight out of mind. do what you like, be happy. I’m finally at the point in my life where I don’t care much one way or the other what others think of me. that’s a good place to be.

  30. mark Said:

    so, two weeks out and not one of the ladies can think of one reason why huge can’t rock polish? man, the opinions were strong, but not one reason? could it be because there isn’t any? I don’t see one real reason. any of you out there see any?

  31. Dylan Christopher Said:

    I think that if is totally fine if it does not effect u then y care! I m a boy I’m straight n I paint my toes all the time. And there is nothing wrong with it! It just paint it doesn’t magically make u into a girl. I not a weird lonely “loser kid” I’m a normal boy I just like to add some color to my nails. I really hate hearing bout all these stupid people that say ur gay if u do anything that the crowd isn’t doing . It’s stupid cuz who said that girls own polish. Just giv it a try! Trust me.

  32. mark Said:

    smart young fellow out there, Dylan. never ever forget who you are, and be afraid to let that shine. life is short. to you yet probably not so much. lol. love your attitude developed early, my man! it’ll serve you well in this world.

  33. Josie Reds Said:

    I am appalled at the girls that are soooo selfish with nail polish. One of the sexiest guys I have ever dated, and am still in love with, was wearing nail polish, on perfectly manicured hands, the first time I met him. As long as the hands are clean, it really is a turn-on for me. There are too many narrow-minded women out there that think beauty is “only” for them.. Shame on you!!

  34. Mark Said:

    good comment josie. I don’t get it either. is it because women feel shut out of alot of things that they grab onto a few things and claim them for them alone? that’s what I was asking in the first place, to which I got no answer except for you. I can only think of a few items at best that would be specifically male or female, and overall off the top of my head, no behaviors that would be specifically gender restricted.

  35. Mark Said:

    this manly man really bugs me, because it’s specifically created by media. no man or woman can live up to that, ALL the time. nobody sees a more masculine woman, in either dress or behavior and says she’s not a real woman. but have a man tread anywhere near feminine traits and he’s not a manly man. that makes no sense. had to do this in 2 posts for space.

  36. Mark Said:

    sorry, 3rd post for space. so what really gives here? if women really want the manly man routine, then get the hell out of jobs, get into only dresses and skirts and heels, cook and clean and tske care of the kids while I watch tv aftrr my hard day at the office. is that what you really want? or do you want a human partner that likes things like you do, and wants to cook,or clean your house WITH you, and can talk about things that you are interested in too?

  37. Michael Said:

    women have taken things from men throughout history, most people dont know that the high heel is a mans shoe for riding horses! it seems that this issue is more of an american made one where men are not allowed to cross the “feminine” line. I think its perfectly fine to to wear polish on toes or fingers if you want. I recently started wearing toe polish out with my wife and she doesnt mind and i like it, brings a little color to me. Its only a matter of time before all things are switched around

  38. Michael Said:

    even the Scottish wear kilts still and no one has a fit. women will just have to deal with men being less of the masculine image and understand that we are complex people as well, not just a stereotyped image of what men should be. and like said before, if you dont like it? well wear dresses and start acting like ladies again because I know sure as anyone that you all have changed and call it womens rights and have forced others to be accepting. all i have to say is Our turn.

  39. Andy Said:

    This is to all the ladies that think guys shouldn’t be wearing nail polish.

    Why should you bitches have all the fun?

  40. Ken Kelly Said:

    I’m really disappointed in the responses. Women complain that men try to tell them what they can and can’t do, wear, etc. It’s obvious these women are really not concerned about equality, at least not for others. You expect men to accept you in pants, bright red lips, nose jewelry, and working in men’s jobs but you won’t support something as minor as men wearing nail polish. You said this about an earring on men but you survived. Open your minds or get back in the kitchen. Hypocrites.

  41. Perry Said:

    So many guys want to do this, but are afraid because of some of these opinions.
    I’m telling all my friends now, and nobody has rejected me so far. The girls invited me to nail parties and started talking about how cool it was. Be yourself, not what society tells you to be.

  42. mark Said:

    I’m really disappointed as well by the lack of response from the women that were so sure of themselves and their opinions. they can’t give one reason, much less even support their own views. no wonder culture holds them so low in regard. the best they can come up with, yet not to be even heard here where it was raised by women, was I don’t like it, it’s gay, it’s not manly, whatever that means if I reject advertising and media images that someone else created for both men and women.

  43. mark Said:

    the ladies want a real man, huh? Well I havenews for you. a real real man does what he pleases and could give a real fig for your commentary. the men you got are merely caricatures of real men, you just don’t know it. sad. and truly hypocrites you are, and your men are to you.

  44. mark Said:

    y’all are dimly aware that this discussion has far more import than mere nail color on someone don’t you? probably not but I thought I’d ask. it is about your freedom as well as mine, and given your obtuse comments I’m not that overly interested in helping you with your cause du jour. you are an embarrassment to your sisters before you.

  45. Dan Said:

    I have been having my nails done for over two years. The bottom line is they just look better. Would you rather see my nails all crewed to stubs or nicely shaped. A bit of color completes the look. In the past when I went back to where I was before, I would get complaints. So back to the nail salon. Also I love to have a young woman hold my hand. Unless You have experienced it You just don’t know how great it is.

  46. Perry Said:

    I just completed my first day of classes with nude on my fingers and blue on my toes. I got a few judgmental looks, but my friend (guy) actually fist bumped me for challenging the gender roles of society just because.
    I’m doing it again, and I don’t give a flip who doesn’t like it. If a girl doesn’t like my personal choices, why bother with me at all? You’re obviously thinking about me.

  47. FW Said:

    “Your” skinny jeans? You mean that you took “our” trousers, don’t you? A real woman should always wear skirts, everything else looks exactly as disgusting, as men wearing nail-polish.

  48. Julian Said:

    Well ladies, some men like me have better nails than most women. I wear nail polish and yes ive been told it looks fantastic. I am gay by the way, not that it matters and not all men who wear polish will be gay. I am confident, happy and like to look superb. Eat your hearts out. Why are so many people worried about what others, wear, do or say. Concentrate on your own lives, clearly you are dissatisfied with your lot. Julian x.

  49. Nail polish dude Said:

    I am straight, married and proud to wear nail polish on my toes and fingers. Yeah it’s trending in NYC.I see a lot of dudes rocking it.If a dude has confidence then go for it,its simple…It’s paint!we created the stuff not a woman.You ladies definitely stolen a lot from us guys so don’t even come with those comments.So you prefer to see a guy with green fungus toes or color nail polished toes? lol,. First timers use black color if you believe you can’t pull it off, just sayin.

  50. Aaron Said:

    I am not sure what else I could add. I am a straight married male as well and love nail polish. I wear it a lot. The facts are these: Nail polish is paint. Men and women have nails. It is meant to be applied to nails. It can be applied to men or women with no differing physical effect. It does not make women more feminine nor does it make men feminine. Obviously, there are no real arguments, logical arguments, against it.

  51. mark Said:

    well, as you can see, this thread is just about done. and not one woman who said the no way routine has said a peep. that’s sad for having such strong opinions with no thought behind it. why anyone would care what I have or don’t have on my toes is beyond me, but if they really do then that is plain creepy and way worse than a guy who likes his toes looking good too. they obviously need some serious direction in their sad little world.

  52. Suresh Chandra Said:

    I love going for pedicure and have been polishing toe nails for past many years in all shocking colours. I even
    Wear toe rings. It is wonderful feeling and does not make me a less manly even my wife enjoys my toes.

  53. mark Said:

    Y’know. What’s really interesting to me is that there are a lot of sites currently trending about guys wearing nail polish. Many comments in the negative are that it’s only gay guys who do this, or if you say you’re straight then it’s only a hideout from what you really are. So if anyone sees you wearing Nail polish then they assume you’re really gay. But you know what? Most commentary is from self described straight guys who just like color too.

  54. mark Said:

    So. Just for fun. Search gay men and nail polish. Not one site or blog comes up. Not one! Lots from the comment section but not one from gay fellows loving to paint their nails! Therefore, where in the world did anybody get the idea that gay guys paint their nails, and if a guy does then he must be gay? Ergo. It is NOT true that you must be gay if you color. In fact, you are most likely straight and are probably some what artistic at worst. How about that!

  55. Logic Said:

    To anyone saying it’s “too girly” or “gay”:

    Don’t you realize that you are just exposing the socialization you’ve fallen victim to?

    Some have brought up gender roles and how they were invented by marketing firms. It’s true! The “great underarm campaign” of the 1910’s-1920’s comes to mind. Razor companies basically created a fad to sell more razors. It worked! Now women with underarm hair are “butch” or “less womanly.” Bullshit.

    Wouldn’t you rather think for yourself? Paint away!

  56. Logic Said:

    Another thing: I am a straight man and I wear nail polish frequently on my fingers. Most women love it, and the ones that are weirded out are always girls that are trying to look like a Kardashian.

    Open your minds and wake up, people! It is not too late to be the person you want to be, instead of the person that society and advertising has suggested you become. Look at the way you talk, act, think and present yourself. Are they reflections of you or of others?

  57. mark Said:

    That’s true on all counts Logic. Thanks for pointing out that the majority of the negative comments from women are from the fashion wannabes. Also the marketing and being raised in a rather close minded environment where everything had to be just so or what would the neighbors say. I know that story from the Gillette co. Men were not shaving as much, sales were down so they created a new market to women and made it unacceptable if she wasn’t smooth. Women were not so before that so much.

  58. mark Said:

    But you simply can’t get past what people think has always been the way it is today. Things change a lot. It’s moronic to think things are fixed and immutable. And then to be judged on it is the even worse. Why anyone sets themselves up to control others who don’t hurt them in the least is confusing to me at best, and maddening at worst.

  59. johnb Said:

    I am currently wearing 5 different colors on my fingers – plus two kinds of glitter – and three colors on my toes. I’m 55 and straight.

    I love it and I’ve had no negative comments – even at work.
    When my boss saw it the 1st time he said: “What’s wrong with your nails?” I said “nothing.” He said, “You’ve got polish.” I said, “yeah.” He said, “you’re a guy.” I said, “yeah.” End of story.

  60. johnb Said:

    PS, I currently have over 130 different colors (every shade) and more on the way!

  61. mark Said:

    Hello girls! Anyone out there? Tell me why a guy can’t wear color. Any valid reason at all? Y’all seemed so sure of yourselves before. What changed? Could it be, could it be, that you can’t come up with any?

  62. SteveW Said:

    I’m straight, male, 47… 6’0″, 200lbs, I work in heavy construction as a crane operator and sometimes welder. My toes have not been without paint for 30 months – funny thing, I started when I lost a bet… but discovered that my feet were less embarrassing with color than without, and I liked having painted toes… and THEN I discovered that paint protects my toes from the environment inside my steel-toe workboots. Chronic nail fungus is GONE! My feet are healthier w/ paint, & I won’t go back!

  63. SteveW Said:

    Mark – the only reason anybody thinks paint is “feminine” (and therefore, “BAD”) on nails, is because they think “Everybody thinks so”. BUT… “Everybody” used to think Earth was flat and Columbus would sail off “the Edge” – popular consensus (real or assumed) does not necessarily prove the truth of anything, it often proves ONLY that people can be a lot like sheep, willing to believe things without REASON.

  64. Rick Said:

    Opposites attract. Very effeminate women are only going to be attracted to Alpha males, but not every woman is that girly and not every man is the alpha male attracted to girly girls. I am a straight guy married for 22 years to a wonderful, not girly, wife (not butch either). I’m more girly than she is. Studies have been done that show manly men are MUCH more likely to cheat and leave their wives, more girly men like me don’t and actually care more and are interested in what you have to say.

  65. Bob Said:

    I’m somewhat shocked and amazed by this article and the comments below it. What if this was an article about women wearing slacks and how outlandish that was, as they should be wearing dresses/ skirts? Everyone would be saying how out of date that was. And yet males wearing colored nail polish = WTF alert??? Associating this with homosexuality, a lack of masculinity, or whatever just shows how bigoted and judgmental you are. Do us all a favor and grow up.

  66. mark Said:

    Exactly Bob. That is exactly the point. And as you’ve noticed, once the guys started chiming in and the chastising started for such stupid comments from the girls, they apparently got the idea of how wrong they are.

    Nobody is asking anyone to like what another person does or does not do. If you’re so judgmental of what someone does when it concerns you not in the slightest, then I really think you need something in your life to be concerned about. Try hunger, or jobs, or anything usefull.

  67. mark Said:

    Interesting article in the news today after the killings at Calif-Santa Barbara. The women have finally stepped up to openly discuss misogynistic viewpoints, and acknowledged that women who have been dissing men, as well as men of course, for treading anywhere into traditional feminine stereotypical behavior, have been just as guilty, if not even more so for keeping this behavior going. They finally said that things that interest women can be interesting to men too, as we’re all human first. What a shift. They called on their “sisters and brothers” too stop the posturing that leads to the denigration of anything related to women. What a huge shift, and the right thing too!

  68. mark Said:

    Ahh, c’mon guys, don’t be shy. Don’t let the fun stop here! Many ladies were so sure of themselves and their opinions but suddenly apparently have no debatable point, other than I don’t like it or that’s just wrong. C’mon, I think this is a topic truly worth exploring. What are you afraid of. If you don’t like it that’s fine but have you looked into why not and if so what have you come up with? Part of our cultural problems, in areas far more important than this is the lack of critical thinking. You owe it to the world to develop that. Otoh, if you don’t have the ability to analyze then simply admit it. But then you’d have to face facts that you are shallow, which I don’t think many of you are, and are you so afraid of that?

  69. Malcolm Said:

    Many years ago it was frowned on for a man to wear perfume (so they called it “after shave”), then it was wrong for men to wear ear rings, then it was wrong to wear skinny jeans. And now it is wrong for a man to get pedicures and nail polish. Apparently it was always “right” for women to do and wear whatever they want (and I support that 100% by the way) but always wrong for men to do what they want without being labelled gay or whatever perceived put down or insult of the day seems appropriate. It seems completely one sided to me. Personally I take care of my hands and feet and use a nail salon once a month to keep them looking good – and sometimes (heaven forbid) I make them look stylish by wearing nail polish. My wife loves it and really that is all that matters to me. Most people in the salon I go to are women and (while I have got the odd cold shoulder) most women enjoy the male company and I even had one lady offer to share her polish with me. While there are many women who perceive the idea as somewhat less than “manly” – whatever that is – there are many many more who think it is very sexy. With three children and counting I am very much a man and what I choose to do with my feet is my decision just as it is for every woman or man on the planet. My feet – my choice.
    I have a particular dislike for women with tattoos but that is their choice and I will defend their right to choose what they do with their bodies as I would expect them to do the same for me. Calling me gay because I wear nail polish is the same as me calling a woman with a tattoo “butch”. I would never dream of saying such a thing.
    Besides by far the majority of women who comment on my nails have nothing but positive things to say and they are a great talking point especially at the beach. They also give me lots of helpful tips I have had behind-the-back comments from some young males – which is to be expected – but never has any one of them dared to make a comment to my face….primarily because my two lads would knock them into next week if they did.

  70. Tenhill Said:

    Just saw something on Food Network where the male chef was heavily tattoo’ed with multiple piercings, why is that more acceptable than a guy wearing nail polish? Go figure! Personally, I have been painting my toes for the past 20 years. I have it mastered now and do a better job than the ladies in the nail salon. Recently, I had to be admitted to the hospital via the ER. One of the nurses came right out and said, “thank you for taking care of your feet — you can’t imagine the gross feet we have to contend with on a daily basis”.

  71. mark Said:

    Besides. Every change in any fashion starts a bit at a time. It is usually looked on with askance by the current cultural view of how things “should” be. This is what happened with hairstyles, womwn wearing trousers, tattoos and even the women’s rights movement and jobs etc. Had it not been for these folks nothing would change and are we better off or not as a result? I personally think we’re all alot better off.

    So nail color on guys is just a bit of color on them. That’s it. It only makes them look feminine because you think it does. I don’t. So if i could say one thing about this is why is it so important for ypu to hold onto a belief that really has no basis in reality but 5hat it gived you comfort in doing it. Now if thats the case, and if you do something that i don’t 5hink is right, will uou stop doing it because of what i think? Probably not.

    We all have only one life and i think you should live it according to what you want. Not what someone else wants because them you are living their version of your life, not yours. And that’s just so not right. But every time ypu criticize another in yhos way that’s exactly what your doing-trying to get them to live their life the way you want to live your life. That’s teally narcissistic don’t you think?

  72. Mercury Said:

    @Debateable point: They dont -really- have one they just don’t like something they aren’t used to seeing/consider it a female only privilege/are so proud that unlike usually in nature they think they have to run around like a male peacock to be noticed by us and are scared we could rival them in “homosexual ways”. Boy am i glad they gratiously allowed us take baths and to wear earpiercings and lipbalm.
    Dat lack of selfconfidence tho ladies.

  73. mark Said:

    This is 2015. Not 1915. In fact, if it were 1915, in about 7 years women will start wearing, gasp, trousers! Really! It’s going to happen! I’m from the future and y’all just aren’t going to believe the changes!!!! In fact, letting you all in on a little secret, they’re going to get jobs too in about 20 years! Yep. You heard me right. Jobs! They will have their OWN source of income and even more interesting is that they’ll demand their husbands “help out” with the housework!!! that whole idea of thats what makes men and women different, the way it says in the bible it’s the natural and normal and right way will not be so much, at least in this area. But everybody knows that that’s it. No more. Maybe we were a bit too rigid, but NOW we know the “bottom line” as they’ll say in the future.

    But going ahead back to 2015, i notice in the room i’m in, lots of women. My gosh, most of them are wearing pants! Holy Hannah! Just 2 minutes ago i was in 1915 and no respectable woman EVER wore trousers. Who was brave enough to do THAT??? But i look around and everyone seems to be fine with it, they all seem comfortable and just, well, normal and well-adjusted. This really rocks me because back in 15, 19 not 2000, there was this whole brouhaha going on about this thing called women’s rights. Yep you heard correctly- “women’s rights!” what a concept and the arguments??? My word!

    But somewhere along that line, somebody, don’t know who, but it was probably the guy or girl who must be the one person everybody says “they” said it was ok or not, said this was really ok! So everybody agreed because “they” said so and it was ok, that i find myself in a room with lots of wonderful ladies and they’re all wearing pants! Can you just believe it???

    So as i sit here contemplating all this, the changes i’ve seen in just this short time from 1915 to 2015, is there more coming? Do you think that men and women are more alike as humans than we’ve been told? Other than just a few obvious things, i talk to my wife as i would my best guy friend leaving out of course, y’know, THAT stuff. That stuff that makes all us guys, i assume you gals have the same kinda thing going on, all us guys feel like we’re all the same tuff guys who know what the gig is, right bro? Bro? You hearing me?? What’s that? You’re heart’s broken over a chiCk?? Dude. Man up! Let’s just go get a brewski. It’ll chill in a bit. You’ll be back good as new in a bit. Hell, new girl just waiting for you probably at the bar!

    So ladies. Truly. Tell me the truth. What in the f*** is thos all about? What in the F*** is seriously going on in that collective heads of yours?

  74. steve Said:

    I am with all the open minded rational folks on this. I am 51, with three children and love woman. I don’t wear earrings and I do not have any tattoos. I started wearing ABS nails on four fingers on my right hand to fingerpick a classical guitar better. I asked my 16 year old daughter to do art on them. I am going to do all my nails now and paint them often. I think it’s awesome. I also think more highly of women who don’t mind it a bit and show no prejudice over it. Just sayin’

  75. Ken Said:

    Another hetero male here, late 40’s – and I wear nail polish DAILY. Unfortunately, it is not an acceptable norm yet, as attested to by all the ewww comments from the intolerant, closed-minded ladies. Still, I avoid wearing color on my fingers at work. It’s a “professional” environment which reeks of starched shirts and stereotypes. I choose to not buck the system too far as my livelyhood (and that of my family) depend on my appearing “normal” to the “washed” (as I rock a dark red on my toes at the board meeting – ewww, right?)

    That said, come Friday, the first thing I usually do when I get home is kiss my beautiful wife, grab a beer and some color and let my hair down, so to speak. My wife likes it, I like it – if only the “man” was ok with it – and apparently some uptight women…just sayin…

  76. mark Said:

    Humans, both men and women have been decorating their bodies for literally tens of thousands of years. Some paint their bodies one color on one side and a different color on the other. Some paint stripes on their faces, some do temporary tattoos in dots and other bthis is always been a part of human desire to be unique. I choose not to have a permanent tattoo yet still have a desire to decorate my body a bit. Nailcolor suits that purpose very well. It has nothing to do with gender or sexuality and i see it as doing the same thing our early ancestors have done to express themselves in art. People who have alot of tattoos are doing the same thing. This culture is so much more judgmental about things that are different. I simply don’t see why a small bit of color on my nails should garner that much attention, especially in such a negative way. Way more than would be the case if i had dragons running up and down my arms and back.

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