Miracles Week: Nate Archibald is Editor In Chief

Nate Archibald

Photo Credit: The CW

Nate, an editor-in-chief? That’s a miracle! This week, we’re taking a look at the surprising events that have happened this season on Gossip Girl in celebration of one of our new favorite books that just got released, The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wonder. That’s right– it’s #miraclesweek!

What’s miraculous about Nate’s promotion is that he had only been at The Spectator for a few months and was pretty low on the totem poll. An affair with his boss Diana and a flirtatious tryst with his coworker Charlie were just a few of his biggest accomplishments while he was there.

But lo and behold, his grandfather demanded the online news source be left in Nate’s pretty-boy hands. Nate Archibald as a boss? We’ll see how the only Upper East Sider not to send a tip in to Gossip Girl can handle being in charge of spilling the dirt professionally. Hey Nate, if The Spectator can win a Pulitzer for its hardcore digital journalism, that would be an even bigger miracle!

What do you think are some other Gossip Girl miracles? Check back every day this week for more!

Probability of Miracles
Wendy Wunder’s debut novel, The Probability of Miracles, is on sale now.

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