Nate Archibald Kissing a Cougar

Spotted:  A certain Archibald getting a smooch from an, ahem, older woman. Me-ow–looks like N has a thing for the cougars, and they certainly seem to crave his kisses. Could it be love? Well, that’s a secret I can’t tell just yet–but be patient, darlings, the scandalous reveal will be well worth the wait. XOXO

Photograph by Splash News


  1. cherrylollification Said:

    Now I’m a bit worried for the new season. They’ve already gone for the whole cougar story once before.. Are they going for it once more?

  2. Maura Said:

    Ugh!! What the hell is Nate Archibald thinking!?! I bet he is just going to be used again by this cougar! He must really get turned on by cougars or something!! Well this is going to be one heck of a season of Gossip Girl!!

  3. Eunice Said:

    Listen here everyone! Why act so surprised? He’s always going to be like this one a cougar man, always a cougar man. Let’s just hope he doesn’t add more drama into his life!! As for me he is off my ‘OMG WHY?’ list. And that’s my point of view

  4. MotherChucker Said:

    I can’t wait 4 season 5!

  5. Maura Said:

    But no matter how many cougars Nate is with he will always be smokin’ hot!!! <3 :P

  6. L Said:

    Well at least ther’e is a story around Nate, saw him barely last season!

  7. K. Said:

    I think this is Blair. It looks like her.

  8. Msmakeupconfessions Said:

    All i can say is that Chace looks smoking hot in real life! I saw this actual scene in real life last week in NYC. As a gossip girl fan that’s an ultimate dream :)!
    I mad a video of it!! You can watch it at my youtube channel:

  9. A Said:

    Smokin’ hot, but what the hell is he thinking?!?!

  10. Maura Said:

    @Msmakeupconfessions Thanks so much for the video! Thats was awesome :):) <3
    @K. It's not Blair because the hair color is wrong, and Gossip Girl wouldn't say its a cougar if it was Blair.
    @ L I totally agree with you!! Nate was in the shadows way to much last season, and he is WAY to hot to be put in the shadows!!

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