Almost OMFGorgeous: Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, so there’s really no excuse for her to look anything less than luscious during every single appearance. And the Glee star nearly lived up to my sky-high expectations at this weekend’s ALMA awards–where Christina Aguilera turned up looking like an old gypsy named Guantanamera–thanks to sultry makeup, a sexy bustier and–oh…oh dear.

Those pants. Drop-crotch slacks don’t even work on Justin Bieber, so why Naya (who hopefully doesn’t have the same, er, equipment down there as JB) thought these were a complementary look to an otherwise flawless outfit.

The tip to take away from NR’s fashion flop? The menswear trend shouldn’t be taken too literally–and never out of a little swaggy popstar’s closet…XOXO.

naya rivera alma awards




  1. ggada Said:

    OMG!what is this…she is suppose to look good not this!the pants,what are they about?!and the shoes…!there is like nothing acceptable in that outfit!

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