Is Naya Rivera Getting a Glee Spin-Off?

If you ask Glee star Naya Rivera which character deserves a show of their very own, she–SURPRISE!–chose her own charcter, Santana.

“She can do anything,” Naya gushed. “That’s the beauty of Santana.”

Naya Rivera


The beauty of a Santana show would also be that Naya would have another steady gig after her run on Glee comes to an end of this next season. But surely that didn’t even cross her mind, right?? She was thinking only of the best possible TV programming, I’m sure!
I can’t knock NR’s hustle, but I doubt very seriously that Santana, spunky and sexy though she may be, will land her own series. Do you think Glee‘s favorite lesbian deserves to stay on the air? Or is there another character that would be totes more watchable?

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  1. lisa Brotherson Said:

    Hell yea she is awesome

  2. Courtney Said:

    I’m pretty sure that if a Glee character did get their own show, it’d be Rachel Berry. As much as I love Santana, it’s the truth!

  3. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    Who the chocolate dick burgers is that? AND why are they letting her in the gay, fat, and drug-taking glee club? And what the taco man of a name is Naya? I’ve heard of Aniya but she is the bitch of my school so I will literally kill her slow and painfullly. Who the potato pie is she?

  4. TLT Said:

    I love me some Santana, but I don’t know how successful that show would be.

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