Naya Rivera Strips Down on Glee

If anyone knows the excitement of a 100th episode, it’s me, darlings. Remember mine? The royal wedding, Blair Waldorf professing her love for Chuck Bass, and of course who can forget the fake reveal of Georgina Sparks as moi (had you for a second, didn’t I?)

Yes, a 100th episode needs to be juicy and scandalous, just like I prefer my gossip. Therefore, Glee is doing its best to bring out the big guns for their milestone event. Enter, Naya Rivera in lingerie:

naya rivera

@nayarivera Instagram

The starlet posted this sexy pic on Instagram captioned #Glee100. Are the over-the-knee boots, teeny tiny little skirt, and sequined pushup bra enough to make this episode buzzworthy, or do you think the return of some of the cast members of seasons past will be what draws the viewers in?

Are you excited about the special event? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO


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  1. Faye Said:

    Oh wow So f*cking hot.

  2. Olive Said:

    I can’t wait for this episode!

  3. Kat Said:

    She is perfect. She is sex.

  4. Flass Said:

    Very very very very very very excited!

  5. Valarie Said:

    Can’t wait

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