Love or Loathe: Naya Rivera at the People’s Choice Awards

Aside from the Golden Globes and the Oscars, every other awards show is a total joke created by corporations to make money and attended by celebrities who really really just want to win something, for once. Case in point: Naya Rivera, who turned up at last night’s People’s Choice Awards to nab a trophy for–not making this up, darlings–Favorite TV Gal Pals with her Glee costar Lea Michele.

While this award was total BS, Naya’s fierceness on the red carpet was no joke:

Naya Rivera People's Choice Awards 2014 Arrivals


You can just feel how badly Naya wants to be dominating the red carpet, but alas minions, IMO she’s just not quite hitting the mark. You know how I feel about mullet-hem dresses (hate) and this Michael Kors confection is no exception. Between the gilded neckline, the color-blocking, the tight fabric AND the differing lengths, you simply don’t know where to look, and yet the overall outfit is boring. Had the dress been floor length I may have like it better, but as it is, I’m not.

And then there’s Naya’s makeup. I’m not sure why she feels the need to wear a force-field of cosmetics, but she could dial down the bronzer a bit. If it looks heavy in photos, can you imagine how cakey she looked in person?

But what say you minions about NR’s latest look? Is she a perfect mix of youth and sex appeal or is this outfit off somehow?


  1. Morgan Koogle Said:

    I would have LOVED this dress if it had simply ended above the knee (all the way around). I just don’t like the way the bottom of the dress falls. But she’s still stunning.

  2. Chantal Said:

    What I hate is what she has done to her beautiful face… Anyway I agree with Morgan. The dress is beautiful but that fall… Make it a little bit worse.

  3. runlolarun Said:

    the color bothers me (beige or something on the top). it didnt look good on her. but its not completely a disaster. but that face? she is ruining herself. she was way more beautiful.

  4. Lieza Said:

    It kind of reminds me of something that Kim Kardashian would wear…

  5. Queen A Said:

    No NO NO her Make up is hideous makes her look in her 40’s!

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  7. Jeffrey Said:

    Pure Ugliness, it’s so awfull that I almost have to puke. It’s as ugly as Hell.

  8. Don't lie Said:

    I love the dress. it looks perfectly. Isn’t someone a little jealous? yes, her make up is too much but the dress looks gorgeous on her. everything fits for beautiful lady.

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