OMFGorgeous: Naya Rivera

During the holiday season, it’s tempting to bedeck oneself in red and green, but true It Girls know that you can look totes festive in other shades. Case in point, Naya Rivera, who turned up at the TrevorLIVE LA soiree in this gorgeous bronze velvet dress.┬áNow I know minions, I know–bronze velvet? So many ways this can looks terrible, but somehow, NR pulls it off…

naya rivera


Actually this dress is so tight I’d be surprised if she could cut it off. But tight is the best way to wear this tricky fabric–had this Donna Karan dress been loose, she would’ve looked like an extra on The Craft. And a snug fit is key to pulling off a mid-calf length, otherwise it’s a matronly and unflattering look. The dress also works thanks to sheer sleeves and mixed colors, but I suppose DK can be applauded for that, not NR.

I also love how Naya balanced the dress’ heaviness with strappy shoes and kept her makeup, while a tad too heavy, on tone with the rest of the look, and steered clear of accessories and let the gown shine on its own.

Overall, olive-skinned It Girls should try experimenting with brown and bronze tones this season–pair it with cream, gold or pewter for a luxe look that’s also oh so festive. You know you love me…XOXO.


  1. Amber Said:

    Naya Rivera perfect as always

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