Bikini Fashion Face Off: Naya Rivera vs. Rihanna

Spotted: Two of young Hollywood’s hottest chicas, Rihanna and Naya Rivera, strutting their stuff on separate beaches. Now obviously, they both look good. But obviously that’s no reason to make them exempt from a fashion faceoff, even if they are only in their bikinis!

First up is RiRi at the beach in Barbados. While she’s been making some seriously terrible style decisions, she seems to have a good grip on how to rock a two-piece.


Then we have Glee‘s resident vixen, Naya, whom I spotted frolicking in Malibu during a day off from filming.

naya rivera


I usually loathe bandeau suits–they make even the bustiest of girls look like tween boys–but j’adore NR’s frilly strapless bikini. The key is that her cups are molded and embellished, versus an unstructured fabric top that has a way of erasing breasts and making your torso look wide.

Overall, I’m loving Naya’s look the most, and totally envying her abs. And her hair. And her legs. But are you team RiRi all the way? Tell me who you think is having more fun in the sun…XOXO.


  1. The Game Said:

    Rihanna looks awful. Any time those hideous tattoos are visible, she looks like the piece of trash she really is. Saying she’s a $2 trash bag hoe would be disrespectful to the hoes. Most of them look better and have less diseases than she does.

  2. That's What She Said:

    Naya looks amazing!

  3. Nina Said:

    Rihanna looks like trash. The bikini reveals way too much and she’s just awful. Naya, on the other hand, is gorgeous and lovely as ever. I love her bandeau. Way to go, Naya!

  4. lexi Said:

    Naya looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Rihannas doesn’t fit her at all.

  5. PatriciaM Said:

    I think Rhianna looks better only because she has WAY more curves than Naya! I really don’t like how skinny she looks… Fab abs? I don’t think so…

  6. Macarena Said:


  7. Abby Said:

    Naya definitely.

  8. Leoni Said:

    Most definitely naya

  9. Kate Said:


  10. Cb Said:

    They both have great bodies, however, Naya looks way more presentable than Rihanna, that hair and tattoos are a huge NO NO!!

  11. Mara Said:

    Rihanna looks better cause a woman need her curves

  12. Laura Cabral Said:


  13. who cares Said:

    RiRi has always been my girl and will always be I think she really looks great!

  14. David Said:

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  15. andre Said:

    Defi, Rihanna looks better…that other chick, just lacks of curviness, she doesn’t look bad, but her body could use some she now looks flat as a table..

  16. FL Said:

    Ok, Naya’s bikini is totally the nicest, and Riri’s body is so freaking perf (even with that wierd kind of tattoo?) Anyway, Naya looks so much better.

  17. margo Said:

    Naya looks perfect! WHERE did she get those abs ?! I want some(; I do love riri but her tattoos are just not workin…

  18. Carolin Said:

    I think Rihanna’s Bikini looks kinda slutty. I mean really, she should fully cover her breasts.

    But Nayas Style is just perfect!

  19. sherri Said:

    Does anyone know who the bikini designer is? I love the suit!

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