New Couple Alert: Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed!

Nikki Reed just may be the luckiest girl on planet Earth at the moment.

It seems that the newly-divorced Twilight beauty has landed the sexiest rebound of all time: Ian Somerhalder. An LA spy caught the two this weekend at the Studio City farmer’s market (of course, they’re both such closet hippies) looking oh so loved up. Click here to see the salacious snaps!

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

When it became apparent that they’d been caught by my West Coast minion, both Nikki and Ian looked rather sheepish…probably because Nikki is still good friends with Ian’s ex, Nina Dobrev. Well, make that was, I’m sure. In fact, when Nina and Ian were still a couple, they would double date with Nikki and her then-husband Paul McDonald!

As foxy as Ian and Nikki are, I can’t help but think that N broke girl code in a major way. Although, who could blame her for making a play for Ian? Why, I’d dash out of my own wedding if he even so much as asked me for directions.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

What’s your feeling on this new pairing, my darlings? Do you think that Nikki is a total lady-traitor for going after her friend’s ex? Or is all fair in love and Hollywood?


  1. Kathlee Said:

    She’s totally 100% a traitor. I would like to think that Ian had more respect for Nina than to do that as well. Low blow

  2. vicky Said:

    Get over yourselves. Maybe she asked Nina if she’s cool with it. Perhaps she is so what’s the problem. And even if she isn’t come on… i would totally hit that anyway :D

  3. adrienne Said:

    I think its great that Ian has a new love. Who cares about the past? I don.t think Nina is that small minded about Nikki and Ian getting together. She hasn.t wasted any time making the rounds, I for one would jump at the chance to meet him and be in his company, a great fan of his.We must see more of Ian in the future. VD is not enough.

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