New Couple Alert: Kylie Jenner and Nicole Richie’s Brother!

Dating Kylie Jenner sounds like an exercise in total misery. You’d wake up with unflattering ankle boots strewn all over your home, Kool-Aid hair dye everywhere, and when she wasn’t snapping endless sparrow-face selfies, she’d do nothing but jabber on about her secret hatred for Kendall.

But yet, someone outside of Jaden Smith found Ky and her ridiculous lip injections appealing. I hear that Kylie, 16, coupled up with 20-year-old Miles Richie, little brother of Nicole Richie.

Kylie and Miles were spotted at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu, and although they were dining with a group of friends, a witness noticed Kylie rubbing his back.

Meanwhile Miles has declared on Instagram that Kylie is his “#WCW all day every day.” Cute, I suppose.¬†While MR is certainly hunky, there’s something¬†a little too bad boy about the 20-year-old that doesn’t seem appropriate for a 16-year-old to be associating with. I mean, the finger tattoos alone…
Don’t even get me started on a non-Breakfast at Tiffany’s-esque smoking selfie. I don’t care how large his Lionel Richie trust fund is, the whole look is just not cute.

What do you think of this new pairing? A match made in celeb-offspring heaven or does Kylie need to kool it and date boys her own age?


  1. Bonnie Said:

    Kylie needs to date boys her own age. She’s grown up much too quickly and seems to have no limits. But she’s just following her sisters by taking pictures of themselves every second of the day. Boring.

  2. Nancy Said:

    Honestly , she should date boys somewhere closer her age . But then again , just let her fucked up her life like her sisters . She’ll learn her lesson later when she finally realizes that she was stupid . Like for her , instead of dating , at least observe him first .

  3. Chicago_animal Said:

    Jeez, only one sister in the family can be with a white guy?

  4. Jennifer Said:

    I don`t understand why so much hate. This post seems more like “jealous girl trying to find flaws to prove that other`s is wrong,” rather than a simple “Kylie Jenner Dating”-update. And you can even tell by the picture that those lips is overdrawn with lipliner over her natural line, and not puffed up like botox-lips would. I am not a fan, just thinking that: “Dating Kylie Jenner sounds like an exercise in total misery” is a mean thing to say, considering the fact that you don`t know the person.

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