New Couple Alert: Mark Salling and Denyse Tontz

I’ve heard nary a whisper from Glee star Mark Salling…until his ex girlfriend gets married. Then, not 24 hours later, oh Mark just so happens to start gushing about his own undercover lover, Big Time Rush star Denyse Tontz. The pair were introduced by Denyse’s producer and hit it off, mutually admiring each other’s music, which I hope to never hear.

“Denyse is talented and beautiful on the inside and out,” Mark gushed to reporterstotally not to capitalize off Naya’s current notoriety. “I look forward to getting to know her more and making magic.”

There’s just one interesting detail to this new union. Mark is 31 – practically ancient – and Denyse is merely 19. I know that May-December romances aren’t exactly breaking news, especially in Hollywood, but 19? I suppose Mark does play a teen on TV–maybe he’s just confused about reality versus work.

Do you think it’s just a little too coincidental that, weeks after posting a pic of them together, Mark decides to titter and coo about his new lady just after his ex gets hitched? Or does true love just have funny timing…and no regard for age?


  1. Jessie Said:

    Whatever. It’s not like she’s under age or anything. If this was the other way around, nobody would even care.

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