New Couple Alert: Zac Efron and…Rebel Wilson?!

Spotted: Zac Efron cuddling up to Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson at last night’s L.A. Lakers game, Tweeting “She’s a Lakers fan too? I think I’m in love!”



OK, that’s quite enough, you two. Ha ha, you’re pretending to be into one another, very funny. While I do adore Rebel, I am in no mood to watch her steal delicious Zac right out from under my nose–even if it’s just a joke. Mercifully, these two seemed to be merely messing around, and don’t seem to have any intention of taking things to any sort of legitimate romantic level.

Tell me if you could ever picture these two as a serious couple…XOXO.





  1. ggada Said:

    uggh NEVER!

  2. Linda Ryan Said:

    Please people, get over yourselves. It’s not what you look like on the outside, but who you are on the inside. There is always more to a book or person than just the cover or extire you see. Unfortunatly, too many of these people never get a second look because their not a size 2 with long legs, tight ass and big tits. But I guess that’s Hollywood for you. If you don’t have anything more than your looks going for you than you are not in any possition to judge anyone.

  3. Scott Geiger Said:

    Why the heck not? She is a gorgeous young woman with a very sexy Aussie accent. He is a very handsome guy too. They look very cute together in the pictures.

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