New Couple Alert: Zac Efron and Halston Sage!

If you’re going to debut a new romance after awards season, you might as well do it court side at a Lakers game. New co-stars Zac Efron and Halston Sage, from the upcoming comedy Neighbors, opted for this very public off-season outing, and looked awfully cozy taking in a game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Friday night.


Although Zac and Halston were flirty, they didn’t give the Kiss Cam anything to zoom in on during the game. The two can be seen locking lips, however, in their upcoming comedy, Neighbors. Contain your jealousy though, darlings, it’s just for the camera. If anything, we should all pity the poor girl, who had to don white jean shorts for the sultry scene. Never compromise fashion for men, even one with as much red carpet charisma as Zac Efron.


Halston isn’t the first pretty young thing that has tagged along to catch a game with the handsome sports fan. Zac, who confirmed his split with Lilly Collins in late January, has become a court side staple at Lakers games over the years. Let’s not forget the years of dribbling that Vanessa Hudgens sat through back when those two lived their High School Musical romance IRL (Lord knows I haven’t. Her ever-present ripped jeans are seared in the darkest region of my brain.).


I’d be insulted that Zac hasn’t invited me along, but I’m more of a Knicks girl myself. Although, if Zac Efron’s killer biceps and smoldering eyes are involved, perhaps I might reconsider rooting for another team.

So, is romance brewing, or are these hot young stars just grabbing free publicity for their upcoming film? You tell me.


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  2. Rebecca Said:

    Ewwww, worst couple ever

  3. taylorswift Said:

    my zac….. :( why? i love youuuu

  4. Kate Said:

    Ew He did not even dated Lily. :P

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