Cute or Ew: Lauren Conrad Goes from Blonde to Blonder

Way to prove you’re not basic, Lauren Conrad (sarcasm font). LC, who got her undies in a bunch earlier in the week when Allure magazine declared to be a “basic bitch,” has made a really drastic hair change. Lauren has gone from blonde to blonder, debuting the new hair on Instagram today.
“Things are getting real blonde around here…” the reality star-turned-designer captioned her one-eyed selfie. Way to bring on the shock factor, LC (seriously, minions, someone develop a sarcastic font so I can better write about Lauren Conrad).

To review, dolls, this drastic change is an update on this look:

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Again: photo in blue dress = before picture. Instagram selfie = after picture. I understand your confusion, dolls: the two looks are pretty easy to mistaken/forget.

I think it’s clear that I’m pretty whatever-ish on the whole hair update (which is basically the equivalent of an Instagram fliter). What I really want to know is if this recent hair change is a trial run for her upcoming wedding (which I’m also pretty whatever-ish on).

What do you think of Lauren Conrad’s “new” hair, minions. Will blonde(r)s have more fun, or is the change just more basic blonde?


  1. Chelly Said:

    All she did was get lighter highlights… Still basic. It’s drastic when you go platinum with full bleach, that’s a bolder look.. I actually can’t stand when people say they’re “blonde” when it’s a darker blonde almost brown, just to say they’re blonde. Real blondes have a full head of bleach :-*

  2. Jewels Said:

    Platinum blonde is bold!

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