New Hair Alert: Rumer Willis

Finally! A hair change I can support! Rumer Willis ditched her tired pink strands for a clean blond bob (I know, I know with the bob again, but let’s focus on color). The semi-actress daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore debuted her new haircut on Instagram, and – white jeans-on-nude crop top outfit withstanding, I think she looks soooo much better.

Let’s face it, dolls, those tired pink locks weren’t doing anyone any favors. This new look is not only more sophisticated, but flatters R much more than hue du Easter Egg. She also seems much happier with it, giving the camera a smile (or at least I think that’s a smile) as opposed to pouting with her standard sour puss.

Am I going soft as the summer wears on, minions? Is this stamp of approval on R’s new hair just a product of seeing way to many hair missteps lately? Tell me if I need to come to my senses, or if you’re giving tasteful runway claps to Rumer’s new hair as well.

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