New Couple Alert: Niall Horan & Barbara Palvin?

Spotted: Niall Horan giving Harry Styles a run for his money in the dating department as he cuddled up to Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin after the premiere of David Beckham’s new documentary, Class of ’92. 

niall horan


Barb, as you may remember, made waves when she apparently had a tryst with Justin Bieber after the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last year, and now it seems that she’s got her claws into another high-profile boy bander. Not only did the pair look awfully cozy at the after-party–and they left just minutes apart–but I also saw them on a secret movie date this weekend to see Catching Fire!

barbara palvin


But millions of you heartbroken Directioners aren’t the only ones irked that NH could be off the market–apparently he’s been seeing some UK reality star named Louise Thompson, from some show called Made in Chelsea, who will surely be heartbroken to hear that she’s not the only brunette in Niall’s life.

 Louise Thompson


While I’m getting a little bit tired of ever single hot guy dating a VS model sooner or later, I do think that BP is an upgrade from LT. But I think we all know that dating me is always the biggest upgrade of all, n’est ce pas? Tell me darlings, what do you think the attraction is to models–besides their obvious beauty, fluffy fab hair, flawless bodies…I may have just answered my own question. XOXO, gossip girl.


  1. Maria Magdalena Said:

    Not to be evil but I don’t think either would last because very few people respect waiting with sleeping with their partner ’til marriage like Niall does.

  2. Robyn Said:

    No Barbara isn’t an upgrade from Louise especially as Louise Thompson is loaded.maybe you should watch made on Chelsea to find that out!

  3. Nialler Said:

    I guess Mgmt! are now moving on from Harry, and pimping out Niall.

  4. Carrie Said:

    I really do like Niall but honestly I think Barbara is too much for him…

    And @Maria Magdalena: HAHAHAHA no way he’s waiting with all the girls who want him to get in their pants

  5. Stella-Rae Said:

    I’m quite annoyed if he is dating a model bc he said he would never date a model bc they’re too perfect and perfect is boring!!! And people are right I think she is too much for Niall tbh!!! I think it would be best if he dated someone with a low profile who isn’t a celeb of a directioner so there wouldn’t be any hassle!!

  6. Stella-Rae Said:

    *Or a directioner

  7. Sunny :-) Said:

    think before it is interesat it, it is much more interesting when I squirmed with a talking lead,,,,,,,

  8. Little Miss ? Said:

    Louise Thompson is a British reality TV star, she’s an ‘IT’ girl from Chelsea and she’s loaded, as they all are from that show. I thought she’d be right up your street GG. She started seeing N when she was in a relationship with Andy a co-worker from the MIC reality show. It came out that after they split she was seeing N and how anyone can say she’s not beautiful I don’t know? Of course she is. I think N is just playing the field. He’ll be on Santa’s naughty list for sure this year

  9. Lovelybae Said:

    @Maria Magdalene
    HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH OMG …trust me if he is with barb there he is no virgin;)

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