Caption This: Niall Horan Flies Solo

Spotted: Niall Horan breaking TSA regulations goofing around in the cockpit of a commercial plane in Australia, where the One Direction lads are currently on tour. I’m going to assume it was a private plane because 1) no way a commercial pilot would let you do that and 2) um gross why would they fly commercial?

niall horan


This picture captioned “Captain Horan” was posted on One Direction’s Instagram account. Niall seems to be fitting in with the crew, showing off a smile and a thumbs up. Although, don’t these pilots seem to be having even more fun that N? I guess meeting a 1D member is a bigger high than being miles above in the air, n’est-ce pas?

Let’s come up with an LOLzy little caption for Niall’s latest Instagram pic! Make it funny, make it clever, and make sure you put it in the comments section, darlings…XOXO!

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  1. Nadia Di Matteo Said:

    He’s so Funny and cute,I fell in love with him in the firt moment I saw him. Love 1D!!!

  2. laura Said:

    Shut up gossip shit..they let me do the sane a month ago because my grandma is a friend of the pilot so get ur stories straight before posting and thanks for the pic

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