Does Niall Horan Have a Girlfriend?

Sorry Selena Gomez, I hear that your sexting buddy may be off the market! My little spies across the pond tell me that One Direction hottie Niall Horan is totes smitten with Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent, who just happens to be his celebrity crush!

After Niall gave Brooke and her nieces free tickets to a 1D concert, they met up backstage and have been in constant communication ever since, Snapchatting and WhatsApp’ing around the clock.


“He’s been pretty open about how hot he thinks she is, and he’s told her he’d really like to take her out when they have a chance,” dished a source.

Ah that’s what I love about Niall–when he sees something he wants, he goes right after it. But tell me Directioners, do you think N should be chasing someone different? Do you think he and his other celeb crush, Demi Lovato, are meant to be or should he and Selena give things a go?


  1. flora Said:

    contact he is so great he brougth my ex lover back to me without any charges am so happy that my husband isback

  2. Trisha Said:

    I think Niall and Selena should give it a go! Brooke has nothing on Selena! They should really get together!

  3. Asma Said:

    I thought there was something going on between him and Bethany Mota

  4. Tessa Said:

    I dont think Niall and Selena should date. That would just be disrespectful to Demi!They were having a thing and i think they would be a {Leeroy voice from Best Song Ever video} Perfect. I think Harry and Selen though! or Ariana Grande but shes taken with Jai Brooks

  5. Jasmine Said:

    I personally don’t think Niall and selena should go out but hey I guess the choice is his lol

  6. Amelia Said:

    I think NIALL should give it a go with SELENA but after all,it is his decision to make…;-)

  7. Stephanie Tavianti Mergart Said:


  8. Christa Said:

    He shouldn’t go after any of them, but go after the fan. The celebs just want the publicity!!!

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