Caption This: Niall Horan Greets The Queen!

Spotted: One Direction’s Niall Horan shaking hands with my should-have-been grandmother-in-law Her Majesty the Queen of England. Ugh! What I wouldn’t give to be let loose in her jewelry collection….

But I digress. The 1D heartthrob was at Buckingham Palace yesterday for an Irish community reception. “I might ask her if she wants to come to a show,” Niall joked. Oh darlings, could you even imagine Lilibet as a Directioner? If the lads were around during her childhood, think she’d have been a fan when she was just a mere princess?

What do you think Niall said to the Queen as he greeted her in this pic? Leave your wittiest captions in a comment below. XOXO

Niall Horan Meets The Queen at Irish community reception held at Buckingham Palace



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  1. Zonish Said:

    He might have said, “I wish it was you sitting on my bike in the midnight memories video”.

  2. Sherrisse Said:

    Kiss me I’m Irish

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