Daily Drool: Nicholas Hoult in Flaunt Magazine

Spotted: Jennifer Lawrence’s ex BF Nicholas Hoult doing his best Blue Steel in the pages of Flaunt magazine.


Thomas Giddings for Flaunt

Nicholas, who we last saw in Jack the Giant Slayer¬†will star alongside his much more famous ex in the upcoming X-Men First Class flick, and I can’t help but wonder if rumors that these two are rekindling a romance are true.

Nicholas Hoult

Thomas Giddings for Flaunt

Personally, I think J.Law can do much better–sure Nick is talented or whatever, but he always seems to be wearing makeup or something. I’m just not sold on NH being The One for JL…are you?


  1. Merrisa Said:

    Skins *drops the mic*

  2. Nicole Said:

    dude he is not cute. she’s so gorg and can totally do better!

  3. ak Said:

    he will forever be Tony Stonem to me

  4. BrittLaw27 Said:

    He is soooo NOT all that and a bag o’ chips, and she can do way better… jus sayin…

  5. shannalovesyou2 Said:

    Skins. Nicholas will forever be Tony from Skins for me. From that day on I’ve never been over him. I never knew he was with J Law cause she keeps he business on the down low so I dont know if they ever were good or bad together

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