Has Nicholas Hoult Moved On From Jennifer Lawrence?

Who in the hell is Nicholas Hoult trying to fool? Sure he’s talented and somewhat attractive–although I still think he’s wearing lipstick–but does he really think he can do better than Jennifer Lawrence in the girlfriend department? As if, loves.

jennifer lawrence


But still, I spied NH strolling around NYC’s Standard hotel with Riley Keough, some little hipster model wannabe who is Elvis’ granddaughter and the queen of Nobody Cares. But this was more than a casual passing for Nick and Riley. I spotted them again the next day in NY on a cozy little walk a deux. 

I hear that this was especially heartbreaking for Jen, who sparked reconciliation rumors when she and Nicholas were spotted having a cozy dinner together in LA on April 29.

“Jen was gushing to her friends that she could see a future with Nicholas, including marriage,” tattled my pal at OK! magazine.

But it seems that the Jack the Giant Slayer star has moved on from J.Law–at least for now. Will these two reunite once their X-Men flick starts filming in the next few weeks? Or is he out of her life forever?

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