Is Nick Jonas Becoming an MMA Fighter?

Once upon a time, Nick Jonas was a mop-topped Jesus freak singing about lovebugs and time machines with his equally adorkable big brothers. Fast forward to today, when he’s a hardbodied bad-ass who scored a very unlikely new role: MMA fighter!

I hear that Nick has a starring part in the new DirecTV series, Navy St., billed as a “gritty drama set against the backdrop of a mixed martial arts gym in Venice, Calif., named Navy Street run by Alvey, a former fighter whose drug addiction prevented him from making it big.”

Ooo! I can almost feel the testosterone wafting off the set, can’t you? The show will start shooting in the spring and premiere this fall, and Nick will play Alvey’s son, Nate, who lands a UFC contract. Translation: lots of shirtless Nick!

nick jonas


I for one am thrilled about his latest career development. It’s about time he does more acting/butt-kicking and less singing/shirt wearing. Plus, I have a weird (and secret and embarrassing) penchant for MMA fighters–they’re just so manly and sweaty! I’m not saying I’ll run off and marry one–can you imagine me with a man who wears Affliction shirts?!–but they’re quite nice to gawk at every now and then.

Do you think NJ has what it takes to pull off playing a tough and terrifying cage fighter? Or will you forever see him as the sweetest of all the JoBros?


  1. rly? Said:

    He is not looking good, eh.
    but that body, rauw

  2. Damian Said:

    fuck me

  3. jj Said:

    Hahaha….This is a joke. right? NJ as a MMA fighter. Its going to be a flop he’s the worst actor to date.

  4. ianamary Said:

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