Hot Mess: Nicki Minaj’s K-Mart Collection

Prepare yourself for something quite dreadful, darlings: Nicki Minaj’s eye-watering collection for K-Mart.

nicki minaj kmart collection


Oh dear. Firstly, I can’t even tell what gender these models are–that’s how unflattering these clothes are. Next, what season is this supposed to be for? During what month is it OK to wear a crop top and a puffer coat? And also, just no. This is by far the ugliest celebrity clothing collection I’ve ever seen; it makes the Kardashian Kollection look like Yves Saint Laurent’s greatest hits.

No matter how cheap they may be, would you be caught dead in any of these designs?

nicki minaj


  1. Eric Said:

    KMart seems like the appropriate place for those clothes.

  2. Ridiculous Said:

    The only thing unflattering about this article is the incredibly narcissistic canine who wrote it.

  3. Jessie from the blog Said:

    Probably the ugliest clothes I’ve ever seen – haha.. I can’t believe it!
    Although I do appreciate they took more or less curvy models! (not too curvy but I mean not anorexic bony models)

  4. Missy D Said:

    This article is a little harsh. Some of the dresses I like. In fashion, you’ll see outfit combos you’ll never imagine wearing. But it’s all a question of taste and style. This is Nicki Minaj were talking about. We’ve all seen what she wears in music videos and award shows. I personally don’t think this collection is as bad as you’re making it seem. Remember what Blair Waldorf used to wear sometimes on GG? Green trench coat, red rights and orange headband is not everyone’s style.

  5. Mrs. Correct-itude Said:

    Well, it’s me again. @Missy D, dear, you cannot compare BW’s GG style to this “I stepped in paint, did acid and landed in alaska during bikini season” fashion-don’t. I mean… Really! BW may have had quite the color combinations, but at least the clothes were tasteful and flowed well. “Color-block” is a trend because it flows.

    This is a train wreck because you can’t not look at it. But while runways may be full of crazy ensembles, no one would dare match seasonal opposites! So not believable.

  6. carlyxoxo Said:

    I think that she search a new boy

  7. carlyxoxo Said:

    but ahahahaha it isn’t true

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  9. Mariah Said:

    Um I wouldn’t wear any of those clothes but I guess they are cute! (:

  10. you're fucking dumb Said:

    whoever wrote this article can die. stupid bitch. i may not like some of these, but the Kardashian Kollection is amazing. go fuck yourself with a cactus.

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  12. CeeCee Said:

    These aren’t even the finished product so shut the hell up TMZ

  13. Annaliese Said:

    Lol so this is what happens when nicki minaj gets creative…yikes! She should have went with the Barbie look as inspiration for her line…this just look like someone wanting to laugh at fans who are just crazy enough to buy and wear this crap! I’ve seen better clothes at the dollar store!

  14. Selma Marvel Said:

    omg, I’ve never seen something more disgusting in my life! It’s like a car accident, you can’t look at it but you can’t look away, you’r shocked….hahaha, just glad there is no k-mart in europe (as far as I know)

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