Cute or Ew: Nicole Richie’s New Reality Show

Nicole Richie, the purple-haired person famous for losing weight a decade ago, wearing old lady caftans and naming her son something sure to get him beaten up in middle school, is taking her popular AOL web series, #CandidlyNicole, adopted from her Twitter feed, to VH1 for a new reality show.

nicole richie


I have the oddest sense of deja vu, darlings—I could’ve sworn that Nicole already tried this whole reality show thing once before…? And as I remember, Nic was a bratty, belligerent, off-putting devil. In other words, television gold. So, I suppose I can’t say I’m surprised that NR is making her return to the small screen 11 years since The Simple Life, and two years after the cancellation of Fashion Star.

But will you be tuning in? While Nicole has her moments of mild hilarity, I’m not sure she can carry an entire series by herself, sans Paris Hilton. Ah remember when Nicole poured bleach on a pool table in some podunk town? Those were the days, darlings!

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton


But alas, Nic’s new series should be a little more classy. Unfortunately. The network has ordered eight 30-minute episodes that will premiere July 17, when your summer boredom is at its peak and you’ll pretty much watch anything.

So tell me lambs, is it cute or ew that 32-year-old Nicole is once again a reality star? Do you think it undermines her desire to be seen as a legit fashionista, or is this just another way to broaden her brand appeal?

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  1. mel Said:

    I watch candidly nicole! its actually really good, it shows alot inside her family and fashion life. If this new reality show is anything like her web series, it will be a hit!

  2. Renee Said:

    I’m not a fan of Nicole but I enjoyed watching her and Paris in their reality show. They were funny! I would give her new show a chance.

  3. julito Said:

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