Fashion Faceoff: Nina Dobrev vs. Lea Michele at the SAG Awards

Spotted: Lea Michele and Nina Dobrev both strutting the red carpet at the SAG Awards in eerily similar hot pink gowns. But as we all know, darlings, when it comes to twin fashions, there can be but one winner….

This is not just because I don’t particularly care for Lea or her brattitude (yes it is) but I’m loving Nina’s Ellie Saab gown way more than Lea’s Valentino confection. Not only does ND’s dress show off her flawless figure, but the sleek silhouette keeps the bold color from being too overwhelming. Lea learned this the hard way in an overkill gown that is too loose through the hips and features a weird, cheap-looking ruffle hemline. And the ombre hair is just so 2012. Get with it Lea, or are you just as sartorially clueless at your Glee alter ego?

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  1. ariexoxo Said:

    Nina Dobrev. Lea’s dress is doing nothing for her figure. Her hair just adds to the monstrosity.

  2. mactoffee Said:

    Nina is more elegant

  3. carlylina Said:

    Lea’s dress is terrible!! It simply doesnt suit her figure. and blonde dip dye is not classy…

  4. GossipCat Said:

    I have to disagree! Lea looks stunning and beautiful not to forget the pink color and the design of the dress is amazing itself. Some may say she looks fat in this dress but she just look like a natural girl and neither a chubby or skinny bitch. She looks really sweet :)

  5. ggada Said:

    ♥ i love lea but Nina is the winner when it comes to this dress-thing…

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