First Look: Nina Dobrev’s New Movie

Tragically, The Vampire Diaries is only on once a week, and there are far too few Degrassi reruns. So what’s a Nina Dobrev fan to do? Luckily, ND is coming out with a new feature film called Let’s Be Cops, a comedy about two guys (Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson) who dress up as police for a party…then take the gag a little too far:

I usually gravitate towards highbrow sorts of cinema–Cruel Intentions and Pride & Prejudice have eternal spots in my Netflix queue and heart–but I can’t lie darlings, this movie looks pretty funny. There’s been a 21 Jump Street-shaped hole in my life and this just may fill it. Although, I can never understand someone wanting to be a cop–those polyester pants do nothing for your figure.

Do you think that Nina will kill it in the comedy genre? Or should someone have arrested this movie’s casting director?


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  1. Caterina Said:

    Nina is an amazing actress. She can pull n e thing so I noe this movie is going to be funny. Asa this movie is out I’m going to go c it. U go girl! I love u Nina :)

  2. Nicole Said:

    I think she could pull a good comedy off ;)

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