Spotted: Nina Dobrev and Mark Salling Out to Dinner

Spotted: The Vampire Diaries beauty and Cosmo cover girl Nina Dobrev out to dinner with Glee bad boy Mark Salling during Lollapoalooza festivities over the weekend in Chicago. I hear the duo was accompanied by Derek Hough, Chris Masterson, and others at hotspot Hub 51. After they had the “illest meal ever” (according to Mark), they headed down to the lower-level club SUB 51 for some quality dance time.

nina dobrev


Now I’m not saying that Nina and Mark are an item, but it’s hard not to (and obliviously much more fun to) jump to conclusions when you see two celebs out and about with each other. Do you think anything could be happening between these two or is Nina way too good for this Glee guy? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

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  1. anonymous Said:


  2. Chances Leigh Said:

    Find someone else nina

  3. pooja singh Said:

    ninaa…u looked far better with ian.u should glow with the guy.don’t fake.xoxo

  4. Chrissy Said:

    She can do better !! I miss her and Ian

  5. koko Said:

    she is why to good for him

  6. koko Said:

    we need Ian to come back

  7. Monica Said:

    eeeep! I love Mark but NOOOOO Nina not Mark. Friends, sure why not but not lovers.

  8. Candice Said:

    Both are gorgeous!

  9. tippy Said:

    He’s too good for that heartbreaker b*tch

  10. danny Said:

    but Mark has boyfriend lol

  11. Candice Said:

    He is the uglier version of Ian Somerhalder

  12. me Said:

    what happened to his hair

  13. ellie Said:

    eeew what’s wrong with Mark’s haircut!

  14. kAvZ Said:

    O dear lord what is this world coming too ???? Nina you can do so much better !!! Lose the dude bring Ian back his so much hotter!!! I hope Mark is just a friend!!!

  15. Mona Said:

    Err yeah no . They cannot be a couple ! I mean I could totally see her with someone like Drew Roy but Mark Salling? No . Just . No .

  16. Kaecy Said:

    No, Mark is too good for her! But if they’re happy together so be it. Let’s support them instead of judging them. I love mark salling! He’a a great actor/ musician… So talented!

  17. Enee17 Said:

    No pierde tiempoo!

  18. Alison Said:

    I know why Ian and Nina broke up and if you don’t know it’s because Ian wanted to get married and have babies but Nina disagreed (just for anybody who didn’t know) But still, I do think she looks better with Ian.

  19. urte Said:

    ian is suvh a better choise :)

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