Love or Loathe: Nina Dobrev’s Ombre Hair

Spotted: The Vampire DiariesNina Dobrev debuting a major hair change at The CW upfronts this morning in NYC. Nina, who is known for her dark locks, showed up to the event with a light brown ombre hair color. Take a look and form your opinion before I tell you mine:

Nina Dobrev 2014 CW Upfront Presentation


My verdict? I love it. I know I’ve gone back and forth on the ombre trend before–it’s in one day, out the next, and then in again. But while everyone’s waiting for the day when it officially goes in the hair-trend graveyard next to the shag (RIP Rachel Green), I say if it looks this hot on you, why not?

Bravo Nina, you (and your stylist) kicked butt with this one in my opinion.

But what say you, minions? Are you a fan of this light look or does Nina need to pick a solid color and stick with it?

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  1. hotaru Said:

    summer look, sunkissed skin , she’s got it. Not a fan of the outfit though as the stones look like huge bugs crawling on her , total turn-off!

  2. sammie Said:

    I love it! Makes her look older and more grown up way to go girl!

  3. Apoorva Said:

    Nah! Total turnoff! It makes her skin look a bit too bland. olive skin looks best with dark locks.

  4. Andra Said:


  5. Blair Said:

    I think it looks fine, but I think she looked better before with the all dark hair. Everyone has ombre now, it’s just not special anymore.

  6. Milena Said:

    She looks amazing. Like always. Love her!

  7. Julia Said:

    This is hardly what I would consider ombre… dark pieces continue all the way to the bottom making it look like she has trashy, cheap extensions in. The blonde at the bottom is also way too much for her dark brown hair at the top – ombre is supposed to be a tasteful combination of colours that create a gradual lighter fade to the bottom. This was horribly executed, if done properly it could’ve looked much better. Yuck.

  8. Ella Said:

    The ends look damaged.

  9. Google Said:

    Balayage peeps…. look it up.

  10. Google Said:

    The author should have done some research….

  11. candice cantere Said:

    we’ve seen to much ombre hair now, it doesn’t look so different anymore, and i agree her hair looks really damaged at the end !!
    but she’s still beautiful anyway !!!!

  12. Bella Said:

    I agree with you @Julia !! It does look trashy. And do not love this look on her AT ALL!!!

  13. Phyllis Said:

    I don’t really like it, she looked more like a sexy vixen with the dark hair. She does still look gorgeous though.

  14. F. Said:

    Don’t like the trend, didn’t like it on Nina. Way too vulgar for such a beautiful woman like her.

  15. Naj Said:

    if u look closely the blonde ends are extensions, she just dyed her hair lighter brown excluding the roots

  16. Emma Said:

    Well of course it looks good on her, everything does. But ombre is sort of over. I did it on myself 3 years ago and thought it was out of date then. Well now it def is. And I wouldn’t call this a major change!!

  17. kat Said:

    Ew she looks old! Not a good look for her at all.

  18. Duaa Said:

    she copy my style

  19. Sometwo Said:

    I prefer her old hair, it just looks wrong

  20. Megsie Said:

    As much as I usually like ombre hair, I dont think it works for Nina. She looks much better with her natural luscious locks.

  21. Linda Said:

    It looks cheap. The blonde hair looks unnatural and as if it were fake. Also the blonde doesn’t work with her skin tone. I prefered her dark hair.

  22. Sara Said:

    I love it.. I wanted to have ombre hair.. Now i want ti even more.. She looks perfect as always.. Love the way her hair goes.. She looks older and more beautiful.xoxo

  23. Holly Said:

    I think it ages her, honestly, but I am also not a big fan of the ombre style… It definitely does not suit her. A lighter brown or some highlights instead next time… Her new hair do looks fake and overdone.

  24. Samantha Said:

    I like her but with this look she looks a bit older.

  25. Kalahya Said:

    I think Nina’s hair looks absolutely perfect ! If all of you think her hair looks trashy you aren’t true fans. I support nina no matter what and I think her hair looks great. You guys shouldn’t be so negatives because she is one of the most perfect woman I know and she is a better person than all of you that are trashing her

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