Hot Mess: Nina Dobrev at PaleyFest

Despite her great looks, hefty bank account and growing fame, it can’t be easy being Nina Dobrev, darlings. No matter how fashionable she is, a fashion mistake is inevitable at some point.

That point, sadly, was this weekend. I spied Nina at PaleyFest’s event for The Vampire Diaries in LA and for some reason, Nina was dressed like her favorite American Girl doll. Observe:

nina dobrev


Yikes, darlings. This Michael Kors look is a miss on almost every level, from the sack-like fit to the bizarre combination of elements. Sparkles, strong shoulders, and a cleavage cutout do not mesh well with the dress’ old fashioned silhouette. The mish-mash of a gown therefore clashes with any sort of accessories or shoes, but that bow in her hair would be a don’t¬†with just about any outfit other than a Catholic school girl uniform.

How do you feel about ND’s latest look? A rare misstep for a perennial It Girl? Or proof positive that she shouldn’t step into a closet without an army of stylists?

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  1. Tahlia Said:

    I actually quite like this dress on nina, its different to what she normally wears and i find it quite delicate and sweet.

  2. Andra Said:

    I love it so much! It looks great on her. GG,people are sick of slutty looks, Nina looks so delicate and girly,exactly how most girls should consider dressing.

  3. Laurence Said:

    I think this dress is very cute on her, i dont know what they are talking about.

  4. Liyah Said:

    I actually love the dress on Nina. It’s sexy and girly all in one!

  5. Sarah Said:

    It looks a bit too old fashioned for her, she’s a young woman. Think dress would look lovely without the sleeves and shoulder pads and with her hair tied up to show off her gorgeous collarbones :)
    But she is a gorgeous girl and would look great in a potato sack!

  6. Ash Said:

    yikes. the dress looks horrible. she looks horrible. whoever is saying that she looks good in this dress, is obviously blind.

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