Did Nina Turn Down Ian’s Marriage Proposal?

Listen up Vampire Diaries darlings: I hear that Nina Dobrev freaked out when Ian Somerhalder sweetly and secretly popped the question to her…but not in a good way. Apparently 23-year-old Nina thinks she’s way too young to be a wife–even if it is to someone as sinfully delicious as Ian–and doesn’t want to ruin her chances of being a big star.

Is Nina right to chase her career? Or will ditching Ian be the worst decision of her life?

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  1. elle Said:

    Ditching Ian was the worst decision of her life!! She could still be a star and have a husband in the same time.

  2. Rdxoxo Said:

    I officially hate her-.- HOW COULD SHE SAY NO?

  3. matcus Said:

    Is it true………

  4. Becca Said:

    I think she’s being smart, but if she’s in love with him, she shouldn’t call things off because of an unexpected proposal! And I don’t think she will. She could accept and they could have a longer engagement of a few years, or talk it out.. decide that if they’re still together in blank number of years, they’ll put it back on the table!

  5. Ilovedamon Said:


  6. Sharleen Said:

    I don’t agree with Nina. I mean look at how many hollywood stars there are who are happily married and plus they have kids and they’re still able to be a start.

  7. TVDLover Said:

    okay. First of all, Ian and Nina, yeah amazing together. But more sites and news would have coverage of this if he did. And Nina, is not even Selfish. That post. Yeah, made her sound very selfish. and Nina is the opposite. So let them be.

  8. Nadine Said:

    I think that it was a bad decision because he may never propose again, he may not want his heart to feel like that, she was being silly!

  9. Naomase Said:

    Am sticking to Nina on this.I mean the girl is too young,and if she jumps into marriage at this age,am afraid before 2yrs we would be hearing about their divorce.

  10. Naomase Said:

    Am sticking to Nina on this.I mean the girl is too young,and if she jumps into marriage at this age,am afraid before 2yrs we will be hearing about their divorce.Ian would understand.

  11. rock_rock02 Said:

    Elena always turns down Damon, then Nina turned down Ian.. I really feel bad for him if ever this is true.. But maybe Nina Has a bigger reason why she turned him down.. We don’t know the real story..

  12. Daniella Said:

    Don’t judge people it was their decision…although I feel nina made the wrong choice,I hope thet they’ll still be happy fOrever!!!<3…

  13. Melissa Said:

    just metioning that this is wat media’s says. Maybe it wasn’t exactly what she meant. Maybe she just asked him to wait for a few more years…

    Personnaly: if he had ask me the answer would be Yes

  14. Valerie Said:

    Is she crazy?

  15. ally Said:

    Wel then! Big mistake nina. But i understand it as well just wait another year. But ian is so hot! If he asked mme i would say yes without even a second of hesitation!

  16. Lestat Said:

    9 times out of 10 being married that you never works, who ever said love conquers all obviously wasn’t a part of the celebrity world lol :P

  17. StelenaEpicLove Said:

    ok guys..calm down..first if all we don’t know if this is true..i think it is not true..and second…she is 23..u dont know what she thinks..she is young..

  18. tessa Said:

    you seriously have to be kidding me, is she insane? theres only one person in the whole wide world like ian somerhalder, IAN SOMERHALDER! dumping him would be the biggest mistake of her life AND career!!

  19. Ianfan1000 Said:

    WTf Nina!!!!!!!

  20. anonymous Said:

    I’ll marry you Ian when I turned 18. Nina is being so ridiculous breaking up with you. :( I’ve always love you, Ian. ♥ Baby, wait for me. One more year and we’ll be together. :)

  21. Anonymous Said:

    ( nina )the worst decision ever …..

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