Nina Dobrev: Sexiest Style?

She may be newly single after her split from Ian Somerhalder, but Nina Dobrev has something else to keep her warm at night: the award for Sexiest Style from Victoria’s Secret’s new “What Is Sexy?” list.

nina dobrev


I’m not sure when VS started handing out accolades but I must say I agree with their proclamations far more than Maxim magazine, who chose Miley Cyrus as the hottest woman alive. Ugh.

In addition to ND, Rihanna won Best Bikini Body (not sure I’m on board with that) and Amanda Seyfried was named Sexiest Hair (true).

But, not all of their awards were on point. Jessica Chastain as Sexist Actress? I have seen her picture approximately 1,000 times and I still couldn’t pick her out of a lineup. She’s plain to the point of being forgettable.

And Sexiest Mom…Guiliana Rancic?! Have they heard of Megan Fox?

Which starlets would you bestow these awards upon?


  1. Mirandabelle Said:

    Congrats to her!!:) shes beyond perfection and she completely deserved that award

  2. Anonymous Said:

    Guiliana Rancic was chose because she is a breast cancer survivor. What incredible feat has Megan accomplished recently aside from World’s Worst Magazine Interview with Esquire in January…

  3. Bella Said:

    Nina definitely doesn’t deserve this award, she’s just so predictable and boring..

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