Gasp! Noah Cyrus Shaved the Side of Her Head

Looks like someone is trying to be just as shocking as her big sis…I spied 13-year-old Noah Cyrus showing off her new hairstyle which is shaved on one side. I guess this is the modern equivalent to the mullet: preppy on one side, punk on the other.

noah cyrus

Brandi Cyrus Instagram

Noah’s other big sis Brandi was the one who posted the pic debuting the new ‘do. “Lil sis @noahcyrus just one up’d me,” she captioned the photo of the two of them in the salon right after the incident occurred.

The funny thing is, NC told editors at Teen Vogue that she’d never pull a Miley when it came to her hair. She revealed in the May issue: “[Miley] called me and was like, ‘Are you with Mom? Go look on Twitter. So I looked and … she’s bald! I would never cut my hair like that, but it looks good on her.”

Famous last words, huh?

So tell me, minions. What do you think of Noah’s drastic new look? Is it the biggest mistake of her life (so far, because well, she is a Cyrus after all)? Or are you of the mindset that hair will grow back (even though this one will basically be starting from scratch?)


  1. Indiya Said:

    In her defense she does look cute in it. and even though she is a cyrus doesn’t mean miley will rub off on her i mean noah is smart and strong and she said her self she won’t let miley Influence her. so cut her a little slack.

  2. Stephanie Said:

    She still didn’t exactly pull a Miley. She still has hair. It looks ok but I don’t think anyone will pull it off quite like Ellie Goulding did.

  3. Julia Said:

    I think getting half your head shaved is cute but her face looks to young for that look.

  4. Sarah Said:

    It’s a undercut, they’ve been in style for ages, if anything she has only just felt like doing it after seeing how many other people have them, a bit slow on the fashion trend really.

  5. Perrie Said:

    Ew, that style anyways is unattractive.

  6. turtledove Said:

    darn that kid is homely

  7. IuseTObeAstranger Said:

    I don’t think that she’s pretty.It’s not because of the haircut… Just think that she’s ugly… Don’t like her face… Don’t judge me :) or do… I don’t care

  8. Sometwo Said:

    Cher Lloyd’s was waaay better

  9. SandB Said:

    noah… bad girl you can find a better idol than your sister ! you are beautiful and so was your sister and dont ruin your beautifulness well if you do it maybe to hard to undo and not fisically but emotionaly and your reputation will be ruined just as your sis

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