Norman Buckley’s On-Set Photo Album


Photo Credit: Norman Buckley

Director Norman Buckley has been working on his last episode for Gossip Girl. From what we can see from pictures on set, episode 606 titled “Where The Vile Things Are” features a scene with Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) riding through Central Park on a Vespa being chased by paparazzi. Norman posted a photo to his Tumblr account on himself on the same Vespa Dan and Serena were on with the caption “Arriving to work. A beautiful day in Manhattan.”

Norman, who has been nostalgic during his last days on set, has been reminiscing about his other Gossip Girl episodes on Tumblr. And he’s been taking lots of pictures on set. Check out some of his pics in the gallery below.

Kicked-Back Kelly

"The exquisite @KellyRutherford. #GG606"

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley

Screen Queen

"Always great to be working with Blake Lively."

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley

Someone's In The Kitchen With Humphrey

"Penn and Kelly on set. #gg606"

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley

Birthday Girl

"Celebrating Blake’s birthday! #GG606"

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley

It's a Wrap

"Just wrapped a great first day of shooting on # GG606"

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley

Ride With Me

"Arriving to work. A beautiful day in Manhattan."

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley

Ed at the Musuem

"Ed Westwick. #GG606"

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley

Fans For Life

"Diehard fans. Late at night on 5th Avenue. #GG606"

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley

Late-Night Leighton

"Leighton, late at night. #GG606"

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley


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