Will North West Be on Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

Kim Kardashian has a baby and all of a sudden she’s a completely different person… she’s a mom now! And it seems like she’s actually a good mom (color me surprised!) I’m hearing rumors that she wants to keep her new baby North West away from the cameras and the “circus” that is Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

north west
“You won’t be seeing North even once on the new season,” says a source who is close to the fam. “Kim decided no way is she going to be part of this circus.”

And what’s even more interesting is that Kim herself is trying to stay under the radar now, scaling back her participation in the show and trying to break away from the image she’s made. Now that she’s with Kanye West, her attitude has changed, and she wants to be high fashion (think more Vogue parties and less vampire facials.)

Do you think Kim will be able to make a transition like that or should she just strap North in for the reality show ride because that’s her only future? Debate in a comment below!

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  1. Bailey Said:

    In other words “my face looks awful after I had my baby from all the weight I gained and neither of us will be on the show, at all.” This is just my opinion but I bet that’s not Kim’s baby. That baby look way to old to have only been born a little while ago. Just my opinion though.

  2. Lauren Reale Said:

    Bailey, you’re crazy if you don’t think that’s her baby.The baby doesn’t look too old and she looks just like Kanye, especially the lips and facial structure(shape of the head).Kim’s eyes and the rest seems a combo.I think she’s just trying to grow up a little, make some changes, and keep Kanye happy. I’ve seen on many occasions that Kanye can be quite immature.Kim too, but she has made some changes. I think we’ll all just have to see.Don’t know if this relationship will work-both are selfish.

  3. David Said:

    I don’t think keeping her child out of the show is whats best for her career. If she allowed her baby to be seen maybe Her critics might be able to see how she has left her vein past and started a whole new life as a concerned mother. Which I think would open up many doors for her to leave her (porn star) life that shes ashamed of behind.

  4. cindy cedeno Said:

    she still be a dumb whore how got famous beacuse of her sex tape

  5. jj Said:

    Can u imagine poor north trying to be a smart ass at school and she is going to be told to shut ur mother is porn star go and google its reall sad poor north west..who names a child such a name..there is a provincy in South Africa called north west true story

  6. Child of popular mama Said:

    first of all – baby is absolutly cute and i wish her good luck and to be smart girl and to respect herself,and not to be smitten by every man she falls in love like her mummy does – wich is the second thing- Kim is like a puppy of Kanye,she seems so desperete sence they started…. reproducing… ugh,i just hate that type of women,if you ask mey Kort is the smmartest child, that that witch ( ;) ) Kris birthed!

  7. leave kayla behind Said:

    North West should be seen on the show because she is so adorable and that will boost up ratings. I know Kim want her and her baby to be on the SHOW but stupid Kanye DO NOT want her on the show and puppet Kim go along with it. that Kim’s baby to and if she want to put her on HER show she should…

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