North West’s Designer Christmas Haul

‘Tis the season to show off just how spoiled you really are (obviously MY favorite time of the year). Kim Kardashian Instabragged that her baby North West is already one of Hollywood’s elite by showing off just a few of the luxe little clothes she was gifted by her parents’ designer friends. Let’s take a look, shall we?

First up, we have shoes made specifically for Nori, courtesy of Giuseppe. Kim wrote, “WE’LL REPAY YOU BY NAME-DROPPING YOU LIKE CRAZY” “WE LOVE YOU” to the designer in the caption.

north west christmas gifts

Kim Kardashian Instagram

Next we have these adorable tiny outfits direct from Stella McCartney, who wrote on the card, “It’s Stella time!”

north west christmas gifts 2

Kim Kardashian Instagram

Next, a gift from Charlotte Olympia: cat flats to start her shoe collection. It’s a little late though. By that age, my shoe collection had already taken up a whole walk-in closet. Mummy raised me right!

north west christmas gifts 3

Kim Kardashian Instagram

And finally little pink booties and a luxe blanket from Hermes. At first glance upon seeing these, I thought, “Being North West wouldn’t be so bad,” but then I remembered Kim and Kanye are her parents. I TAKE IT ALL BACK!

north west christmas gifts 4

Kim Kardashian Instagram

If your baby got all these fancy gifts, would you share them online for the world to see, or do you think it’s more classy to write a private thank-you note? Let’s debate in the comments below. XOXO


  1. Alina Said:

    I wonder if her middle name is South-East.

  2. AM Said:

    If she sent the designers a personalised thank you note she wouldn’t get half of the free stuff. It’s a trade off, designers get exposure, Kim gets free stuff. The richer you are the more free stuff you get.
    Personally if I was a designer I wouldn’t want the Kardashian klan anywhere NEAR my brand.

  3. Marley Said:

    i mean i guess its okay. were used to bragging coming from the kardashians, but i think the multiple pictures went too far. seems to me kim is in this whole pregnancy for the glamour and the fame.

  4. Lisa Said:

    Kim Kardashian is the prime example of what is wrong with society today. Christmas, for those who celebrate it, is not about who has the most expensive clothing. Kim should cast her mind back and think about a baby who was born in a stable. I guess the word humility means nothing to Kardashian/West clan. There is nothing wrong with having nice things. However, flaunting ones opulent worldly goods when so many people, even in the USA, are struggling to fed their children is gross and immoral!

  5. Funkle Fun Said:

    OMG this is the ugliest f ing baby I have ever seen!

  6. melina warren Said:

    to all those kim haters leave her alone,if you don’t have any kids you don’t know what it is like for their first christmas you just want to get everything you can for them weather it’s free or not

  7. Richelle Said:

    I love how kims not so good looking offspring’s gifts,(sorry had to be said, don’t worry she will grow up and use all that moola from Mom and Dad to fill her face with gunk until shes ‘beautiful’ too, just like Mommy, did anyone really think she would be cute or a pretty baby ? Have you seen the Real Kim? Pre fillers? Hah!),how one pair of those shoes, could feed an entire family and HOUSE them, for a year.

    People are starving..homeless!
    She, is an empty shell of a person. Its disgusting.

  8. xoxo Said:

    she is so fucking selfish and ungratful

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