Are Celebs Taking Their Nude Pics Too Far?

Celebs are like toddlers–they whine all the time, need a lot of attention, and are always running around naked. Seriously, so many of them just can’t keep their clothes on! It’s so frequent now that Twitter warns users about “sensitive material” before showing Miley Cyrus‘ TwitPics, and Instagram has warned several celebs including Madonna and Rihanna to stop exposing themselves in public pictures on the site.

In fact, after receiving a threat from Instagram saying they would deactivate her account if she continued posting her lady bits, RiRi’s account went MIA! Did the social networking site actually go through with their threat? A rep for the co told the DailyNews that they briefly disabled the account by mistake (whatever that means) but it was restored quickly. They also confirmed they didn’t delete the account–but BadGalRiRi is nowhere to be found on the site.

Do you think Rihanna has plans to take her sexy snaps elsewhere, or will we be seeing her naughty bits back on Instagram in due time, along with everyone else’s in Hollywood?

Speaking of… my minions and I collected some of the most risque pics that celebs have posted online. Check them out below and tell me if you think this sexy trend is going too far. XOXO

Miley Cyrus

Photo Credit: Instagram

Kendall Jenner

Photo Credit: Instagram


Photo Credit: Instagram

Aubrey O'Day

Photo Credit: Instagram

Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: Instagram


Photo Credit: Instagram

Amanda Bynes

Photo Credit: Twitter

Ashley Tisdale

Photo Credit: Instagram

Aubrey O'Day

Photo Credit: Instagram


  1. Dave Said:

    If some of these women were actually attractive maybe it works, but from the ones in the examples, their marginally ugly at best.

  2. Anonymous Said:

    I hope they keep taking it off. I LOVE to see sexy women in the buff. :)
    And why not show off what their maker gave them? This stigma that we’ve had with nudity is old. Shake your money makers ladies.

  3. Jungledave Said:

    Cant wait on the next set of sexy pics

  4. CRAIG T BRADY Said:

    THESE PICS ARE NOT NUDE????? I see this at the beach all day long?????

  5. carlos spiceywiener Said:

    WTF! You write an article about nude photos going too far, WITH NO NUDE PHOTOS! So I guess the answer is NO, They’re not going too far.

  6. Dan Petitpas Said:

    Is that it? Who would be offended by these?

  7. Missy A Said:

    What so expect in an oversexualized world? Everything is sex, sex, sex…TV, music, internet…yeah it’s a natural thing, but there’s much more to life. What kind of message is this sending to kids?? IMO i think these ladies are mentally unstable. A healthy, normal woman doesn’t need to strip down for attention.

  8. Musikonica Said:

    These pics are a poor example, but I get what the main message is. My opinion is that yes. The whole going nude to be ‘artistic’ is so over-done now more than it ever has been. I’ll accept they simply want to visualize how vulnerable they feel, if they will accept that they could symbolically achieve that in more creative ways. If you’re constantly trying to be nude, do porn. Otherwise, you’re compensating for a lack of talent.

  9. Musikonica Said:

    Also, to the anonymous girl-crazy guy, posted beforehand, there’s nothing wrong with a woman showing off her body. But publicly, it’s best to keep it done tastefully. A girl (or, anyone) can be nude, sexy, and seductive in tasteful ways. FYI, “twerking” on stage, for example, isn’t sexy, seductive, or tasteful.

  10. Leanne Skinner Said:

    Celebs are sad humans

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