OMG! Is Nick Jonas’ Girlfriend Olivia Culpo Facing Jail Time?

A general It Girl rule of thumb: when in doubt, wear high heels–except when it’s illegal. Too bad Nick Jonas‘ beauty pageant girlfriend Olivia Culpo didn’t know any better. I hear that on Sunday she shot a footwear commercial at the Taj Mahal, but the only problem is that such activity is banned without proper permission.

She and the group that she was with are being accused of violating India’s Heritage Act–which means they could be jailed for up to two years and have to pay a fine of $1,600 if found guilty!

“I mean, I’m an employee of the Miss Universe organization and following directions given to me,” Liv told the Providence Journal. “I guess their vision was, ‘What’s better to identify India than the Taj Mahal?’ But unfortunately it’s something that was highly offensive. Honestly, I did say out loud at one point, ‘Isn’t this a little inappropriate?'”

Lesson learned, dolls… always trust your gut feeling. Do you think Olivia and crew will be facing time behind bars, or is this pretty face going to get a free pass? Leave your predictions in a comment below!

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  1. Betsy Said:

    She BETTER not be facing jail time!!! She’s Miss Universe for crying out loud. She was in India for philanthropic reasons. She, and her group of photographers and whatnot, were probably unaware that this was considered inappropriate. If they knew jail was a consequence, it wouldn’t have happened. But I definitely don’t think she’ll be put in jail. It’s just a ploy to get people talking.

  2. Aishwarya Said:

    First of all, being a miss universe doesn’t make her a royalty. If she is liable then she should face the chages. Second, aren’t these people supposed to make sure they know the proper customs and rules before they go to a place?
    That’s just plain dumb.

  3. Echlier Said:

    i gotta agree with Aishwarya here >.<

  4. Emma Said:

    She shouldn’t go to jail just because of some stupid custom seriously they tot tally need to take a chill pill she is awesome and talented and honestly I really don’t think she will go to jail.

  5. Ruby Said:

    Emma, we expect people to follow our rules and customs when they visit our countries and the consequences for those is jail or a fine. It’s the same with any country and it’s not “stupid”. And unfortunately she did not follow the customs of where she was visiting so she has to face the consequences and just because she is “awesome and talented” shouldn’t make her immune to punishment.

  6. Nikki Said:

    I can understand the reason for the law and the reason for the punishment, but I think in this case, it should be waived. Not because she’s Miss Universe but because she was doing what she was told. If she didn’t explicitly know the law, she couldn’t risk losing her job over a ‘gut feeling’. It’s the organisation that should bear the punishment for not checking in the first place and asking her to break the law.

  7. Elisa Said:

    I’m not sure whether she should or shouldn’t go to jail, all I hope is that they treat her like any other person because just because she’s Miss Universe doesn’t mean she should be treated any better than anyone else that may or may not have been in this situation.
    Also, being as they were going to do a photo-shoot shouldn’t they have not only gotten permission to shoot there but also familiarized themselves with the Indian laws? Every country is different and has laws they take very serious

  8. Pauline Said:

    Oh come on, it’s not because she only did what she was told that she’ll get out of this. “Officer, I didn’t know killing was wrong, I only did what I was told to do !” I don’t think that argument is valid.

    And I agree on the fact that the people organizing should have known better. But they’re not from a small organization, I’m sure their lawyers are going to do a good job and they’ll only have to pay a fine.

  9. Annika Said:

    I agree with Pauline. It’s like, “Officer, I should be released for 2 reasons; Because i’m Miley Cyrus and because I really didn’t know walking around with no clothes on is illegal.”

  10. Jassi Singh Said:

    India is just looking for a story to be honest. The place she took a picture at is a bench everyone takes a picture at. There is a line for people to take pictures on that bench since it is a perfect place where the Taj Mahal can be seen in the background. The only fault of the organization for Olivia taking pictures there was they did not get the proper authorization to be promoting or modeling in front of this world wonder. They should be not blowing this into something that it is not.

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