Love or Loathe: Olivia Palermo at Paris Fashion Week

Spotted: Olivia Palermo–and her disgustingly handsome fiance, Johannes Huebl–sauntering into the Valentino runway show during Paris Fashion Week. Let’s discuss her look, shall we?

johannes huebl olivia palermo


OP has never been afraid to mix prints, which is one of the things (perhaps the only) that I love about her. Her top and jacket combo is a win, but from the waist down, I’m not such a fan. Not only is she wearing shorts–which I loathe, even in the summer–but she’s paired them with tights. Starlets like Taylor Swift keep trying to make “formal shorts” happen and I’m just not buying it. The problem is: if you choose a formal event approps material, as Olivia did, the shorts look boxy and unflattering, as Olivia’s do. But, I do like the color–if only it had been a skirt!

But do you rather enjoy her look? Or do you agree that shorts are for lifeguards and volleyball players–not It Girls?


  1. Maria José Said:

    I think no matter what Olivia wears, she always looks amazing. She’s the only person who can wear shorts with thights and still look fabulous.

  2. Perla Said:

    I love it! I think she looks great.

  3. Olivia Ericson Said:

    I love this look! She looks great in whatever she wears!

  4. ha Said:

    shorts are great, love them.

  5. Candice Said:

    Come on people! This look is awful!

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