Fashion Don’t: Olivia Palermo

From my personal (and expert) experience, Olivia Palermo is one of the least likable socialites on the Upper East Side–smug, snide and always wearing clip-in hair extensions that are tres obvious. But, bitch can dress. Try as I might, I rarely find anything wrong with her style, so imagine my delight when she stepped out to Paris Fashion week in pink and red!

This Valentine’s-esque combo is a perennial don’t, lest you look like you’re en route to some Cupid-themed elementary school party. I like O’s pink and black outfit, but pairing it with bold red lips and overly blushed cheeks was a grave mistake. The result is clownish and juvenile, whereas a smokey eye and a glossy nude lip would’ve been sultry and lush.

yours truly: 1
Olivia: 0

olivia palermo



  1. Cherrelle Jones Said:

    Geesh. Harsh much? I do agree. Olivia is my obsession but the makeup was way off.

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