Olivia Palermo’s Surprise Wedding & Unusual “Dress”!

Just last Wednesday, I ran into Olivia Palermo at the Shutterfly By Design event here in NYC and chatted about her “upcoming” wedding…when in reality, she was already a missus!

Olivia had always said she and beau Johannes Huebl would wed in St. Barth’s this fall, where they got engaged over Christmas, but multiple spies have told me that ‘Liv and J tied the knot in a quickie–and secret–city hall ceremony on Saturday, June 21. Apparently since German model Johannes isn’t currently with an agency, he’s considered unemployed in the eyes of immigration and was told to GTFO of America…unless he got hitched!

Shutterfly By Design Hosted By Olivia Palermo, Brit Morin, Michelle Workman

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But, apparently saying “I do” in a courthouse wasn’t her idea of a dream wedding, so the pair had another, more fanciful wedding this weekend in upstate NY…

“The two said their vows amongst only a handful of family members and closest friends as they were surrounded by ivy and blossoming flowers in a quiet park tucked away in Bedford, New York,” Olivia blogged. “We really wanted to keep this beautiful day very private and special to us and enjoyed the whole day with our family and two friends.”

Check out her wedding pic and let’s discuss…

J opted for a crisp white suit (love) and OP wore a cream colored Carolina Herrera cashmere sweater (it was 86 degrees on Saturday, darlings) tucked into a pair of shorts which were topped with a gauzy tulle skirt.

A PAIR OF SHORTS. Now you know how I feel about formal shorts in general, but wedding  shorts?? SIGH.

“I wanted the makeup to be light and fresh and more focused about the lashes while keeping the eyes clean,” she wrote. “My hair was in an uncontrived ponytail, one of my favourite personal looks.”

Shorts and a ponytail. This look is so not what I envisioned for her but, c’est la vie, I suppose.  Let’s see the look from another angle, and peep her “something blue” navy Manolos…


Cute, but not my personal choice for a wedding dress. I mean shorts. I just can’t say it enough.

What’s your take on OP’s quickie wedding an unusual outfit? Totally going on your secret Pintrest engagement board (don’t worry, I won’t tell your boyfriend) or would you say “I don’t” to this look?


  1. Bastoni di fashion Said:

    I like…auguriiii

  2. Sha.S Said:

    LOVE IT! That is so Carrie Bradshaw! <3

  3. nikkie Said:

    She is stunning and I love how she combined these pieces into something so elegant. Weddings are not something everyone shoyld be doing the same way. She managed to do something very unique. You can tell she has an amazing style that she incorporated in this special day.

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