Fashion Don’t: Olivia Palermo Goes Without a Bra

Dear Olivia Palermo,

I realize that you just love to accessorize feathers with fringe or mix up your animal prints, and I’m fine with that. As long you add one crucial accessory…

A bra.


Why OP flounced around NYC with her headlights on is beyond me. Prim and proper Miss P, who won’t even reveal how her closet is organized┬ábecause it’s “too personal,” bafflingly chose to let all of Manhattan in on Victoria’s little secret. So ladies take a lesson–unless you happen to be blessed with the perkiest parts ever–and those imperious to a chill in the air–learn from ‘Liv’s mistake and keep you ladies supported.

You know you love me…XOXO.

olivia palermo



  1. C Said:

    It isn’t too “personal” ……I think it may be because she lives in Brooklyn now. I love her and she’s usually dressed fabulously, but not this time! The puppy is amazing though!

  2. Mike Said:

    Shouldn’t those boobs be about 6″ higher than they are? Is she 80 years old or something. They’re almost to her waist already.

  3. Flaterer Said:

    Looks like a gorilla crawled up her top…

  4. Vernon Alarcon Said:

    at least that fugly mutt looks well-fed…..

  5. joblo Said:

    Her body, her choice.

  6. Rhonda Said:

    What little she does have, sags.

  7. Cjmacintosh Said:

    Twin peeks that’s all I got say about that !

  8. exlax Said:

    who care’s about lil boobs when she has a tight vagina and can suck a football though a straw

  9. Chrizster Said:

    Something is up with this photo. You can clearly see the bra buckles above her chest (1/2 between her chest and shoulders) so she is wearing a bra. It might be the light or some kind of distortion, but there are buckles so she is wearing a bra.

  10. chrispy Said:

    I’ve seen her on the runway, she’s always been low-slung…big deal, leave it alone. She’s beautiful.

  11. JKD Said:

    Typical body shame BS. How do you sleep at night when you spend your days on this stuff, needlessly pitting bodies against bodies, invoking negativity, shame, and projection, and being 100% part of the problem? Go away, “Gossip Girl” – or at least stop doing this BS, attacking bodies, encouraging others to see the world through this sad, petty little lens of hate. This, and everything like it, is basically flat-out sad and evil.

  12. Star Said:

    Big deal – What person needs to be dressed head to toe before leaving their house. She’s probably just taking her dog out real quick like most responsible dog owners tend to do.

  13. Pugsly Said:

    To me it looks like she is wearing a tank top underneath the sweater. Either way she is a beautiful woman, and one of the perks of having small breasts is that you can go braless if you choose. She always is dressed like a lady, she is gorgeous and I commend her for not running for the saline because she wasn’t born with double D’s. For the people trashing her here, especially the JEALOUS (yea, I said it) women – I will be willing to bet you aren’t even half as stunning as she is, PERIOD.

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