OMFGorgeous: Could These be Blair and Serena’s New Looks?

We love fashion as fierce as Blair and Serena, don't you? (Photo: Splash News)

Style never sleeps, darlings. After last week’s NY fashion week madness, couture’s elite have decamped from NYC and jetted off to Milan for a new round of shows. My fave so far? These luscious looks from the new Krizia collection. Couldn’t you just see S slinking down a marble staircase in this canary yellow creation? And their bowed black and green dress would look positively marvelous on Queen B, no? XOXO.


  1. Katia Said:


  2. Sara Said:

    Loved the Black one…..It’s so Blair

  3. Sade Said:

    no way

  4. StacieGreece Said:

    Agree. The outfits above would look stunning on S and B in the order you give them.

  5. Savleen Kaur Said:

    I think your wrong gossip girl the black is more of Serena’s Style and the yellow is much more Blair it actually reminds me of the dress she wore at her party in Season 2 Episode 3

  6. Simone K Said:

    The black one is for B! I could only se S wearing the Yellow one!

  7. Tiff Said:

    I agree with the people that say that the black on

  8. Tiff Said:

    the black one on blair and the yellow on serena though the black one could be nice on serena and the yellow on blair

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