OMFGorgeous: Demi Lovato Without Makeup

As we all know, I’m not one to usually condone going without makeup — it’s a risky move that usually turns out for the worst. BUT. Demi Lovato tweeted a pic of her fresh faced self sans cosmetics and she looks lovely (so much to the point that I question whether or not she didn’t add a hint of color on her cheeks or lips, but I won’t ruin this moment for her….)

“Ladies, be brave today.. take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!” she posted with the pic.

If you are one of the 99.9% to need makeup but want to rock Demi’s natural look, opt for a small smudge of color on your cheeks and lips.

Do you like when celebrities promote makeup-free looks or would you much rather them looking prettily polished?

demi lovato without makeup

Demi Lovato


  1. Romy Said:


  2. Zena Harris Said:

    I think demi lovato is brave doing something that most celebrities won’t do! I think she should be very proud of putting that pic up! Demi is giving the right message to her fans: you don’t need to wear make-up and look perfect to be beautiful! <3 LOVATIC <3

  3. melissa Said:

    brave?? what is she 20 ?? shes still got baby skin , enjoy it girl ! :)
    Look great without all that makeup

  4. tina Said:

    she looks like Christina Hendricks.

  5. kelly Said:

    I wish girls as youngs as Demi Lovato would wear as little make-up as possible more often. I think she looks SO gorgeous! When I see the pic of her with make-up, it’s SO thick that is looks like a mask. I’m glad she took off her mask, and astually let us see what a beautiful young girl she actaully is! Who knew??!!

  6. Is Said:

    While I do think she looks beautiful, would it have killed her to smile?

  7. tom Said:

    She looks terrible. Please put the makeup back on. It at least makes you semi attractive.

  8. Maya Said:

    I think she looks great & being anti-makeup(yes, i am a girl), I respect her hugely.

  9. Ankit(hhhakki) Said:

    She looks so pretty without make up too. She should do this more often.

  10. Ebenezer Said:

    Too bad she looks like Nadya Suleyman without the make-up

  11. Shelley Said:

    This is the most beautiful she has ever looked.

  12. Roxanne Said:

    I find it hilarious how some people want to say something stupid about her not wearing make-up. Demi Lovato is a beautiful woman. One of the realest people in Hollywood. She’s an amazing role model. So your stupid comments sound ignorant when she’s trying to inspire normal girls not to put on pounds of make and be fake. I love this woman and any way she looks she will always be beautiful! xx

  13. psycho killer Said:

    But her skin looks fine. I dare someone with a blemished skin to post a makeup free and photoshop free photo.

  14. Stephanie Said:

    There is no way that there is no make up on her face! If those are her true brows without any filling in WHATSOEVER, then kill me now. I’m not saying she doesn’t look gorgeous but there’s no way.

  15. karen Said:

    i think demi ia beautiful with and qithout make up! she is so brave to show her own skin without anythong! shows that she isnt fake and that she like her self the way that is! i will love if every celeb do the something and show their true color!

  16. jasmine Said:

    You do realize that she has mascara, blush, and lip color on right? That’s not a face without but still a good message.

  17. Roxie Said:

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks older?? she looks like a damn housewife! No make up days are fine, but she should just put some mascara or eyeliner on…

  18. Alec Said:

    She looks great.

  19. rockme Said:

    she still got some make up on. mascara, lips and cheeks color. still plain looking tho…

  20. yasmyne Said:

    looks alot more paler pero she is pretty pero she luks prettier with makeup jus sayinng

  21. Kris Said:

    She is so average looking. At her age going w/o makeup isn’t a big deal. You SHOULD look fresh faced. All of you who think she’s “stunning” need to get out a lot more. Too easily impressed…

  22. anton Said:

    Absolutely gorgeous young lady.

  23. Robin Said:

    I am really disgusted at the comments here. How can people be so shallow? If you think wearing make up is important, maybe you should put down the mascara and open a book. It’s very sad to see so many vapid people still exist. :(

  24. Kayla Said:

    Never wear makeup again, Demi. You look like a supermodel here! Just gorgeous!

  25. lori Said:

    natural beauty!!

  26. R Dale Evans Said:

    Way to go Demi. Natural Beauty.

  27. KFey Said:

    “You do realize that she has mascara, blush, and lip color on right?”

    Disagree. Many people have naturally contrasting features. My lips are naturally very red, my cheeks flush easily, and those lashes are not inordinately long or thick.

  28. Jessie from the blog Said:

    Still gorgeous!

    She always uses a foundation that’s a little too dark for her, I don’t mind her being a little more pale! She looks beautiful and real.. She doesn’t even need filters ;)

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