OMFGorgeous: Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning made her fair share of fashion mistakes while promoting Maleficent, but based on her latest look, she seems to have finally started to take my advice…or at least raid Angelina Jolie’s wardrobe. Observe her look at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet:

Elle Fanning Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Banquet - Arrivals

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

J’adore this classic Vivienne Westwood dress with its corseted bodice and darted skirt. While, true, it is a very grown up and glam look for the 16-year-old, at least she’s not dressing like she’s going to a seance. If Elle wants us to see her as an A-list leading lady–er, girl–then it’s about time she started dressing the part.

The only thing I’d change is her shoes–I like the ladylike pointy pump look but sparkly Loubs compete too much with the pattern of the dress and aren’t on tone. And, as we know, I’m still not crazy about EF’s too-brassy hair, but I do like her curtain-like blow out.

What’s your take on Elle’s retro glam gown? Too formal for a junior in high school or just the right look for an It Girl in the making?


  1. Andrea Said:

    Sorry,but i liked her other appearances better. This outfit isn’t really for her age.

  2. fabs Said:

    those shoes look like they’re killing her

  3. Ash Said:

    I agree with Andrea. Dress is gorgeous, but it makes her look way older, and that is never cool.

  4. Eugenia Said:

    She looks ridiculous in this outfit, as if she’d stolen her mother’s clothes. Elle, you’re not a grown up, and so many outfits could have complimented you better…
    However I’ll admit this could have been a gorgeous combo on someone aged at least 25.

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