OMFGorgeous: Olivia Palermo

Damn you, Olivia Palermo. I love nothing more than to wait like a spider for your rare fashion missteps–like this catastrophe–and then completely tear you to shreds. But alas, at last night’s New Yorkers for Children spring gala OP was by far the belle of the ball thanks to this stunning, sunny look by Katie Ermilio, with shoes and clutch both courtesy of Jimmy Choo:

olivia palermo


Ugh. Not only is she wearing–successfully–my least favorite color but she’s also (begrudgingly) changing my opinion on high-low hem dresses. This mullet hem works thanks to the gown’s dramatic train, which lends balance to the look and allows the eye to flow seamlessly from the short front down to the flowing tail. How am I supposed to hate her when she looks like this??

I just wish that for once, she’d try something other than that center part. Tres done to death, darlings. Tres.

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