OMFGorgeous: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez may not have a lot of friends left but she certainly has a killer stylist. I spied her rocking a tres chic Lanvin dress at last night’sĀ American Ballet Theatre 2014 Opening Night Spring Gala, and while the phrase “white bows down the side of the gown” would usually send a shiver down my spine, somehow this look works:

selena gomez American Ballet Theatre 2014 Opening Night Spring Gala


From her sophisto hair and makeup to her simple jewelry and elegant pumps, I’m loving every aspect of Sel’s sleek style. But then again, no matter what seems to be happening in her personal life, SG always brings the heat on the red carpet, don’t you think? If Selena is indeed in the middle of some sort of meltdown, you’d never know it by last night’s appearance.

Do you think that Justin Bieber was right to brand her the most “elegant princess in the world” or is this look just not doing anything for her?

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  1. mia Said:

    she’s the definition of classy

  2. Ella Said:

    I think it would be gorgeous, but it fits her terribly. The cut on the side of the bustline and then that huge fold in the skirt need to be stopped ASAP.

  3. jsan Said:

    she’s pretty but she looks like a flattened sushi roll with the dress

  4. Mayshele Agudo Said:

    The dress is a disaster but she manage to pull it off with her elegant poise and irresistible charm. Its not that bad. Sue the designer instead. =)

  5. Jodie Said:

    I love Sel, but not loving this dress on her. I think it could be chic, but the lines are a little to straight and boxlike. Doesnt do her figure much justice

  6. Leslie Said:

    She looks great… I love that dress

  7. Georgina Sparks Said:

    I agree, the makeup/jewelry are nice, but the dress is just meh on her

  8. Kait Said:

    Classy NOT trashy Selena is one of the few in Hollywood she looks stunning in that dress but doesn’t she always and as for the meltdown well lets just say everyone is good at pretending well in the beginning anyways , she’ll break eventually if not it couldn’t have possibly been real!!
    ~ XOXO

  9. ayanna Said:

    I think at the end when you say “XOXO” you should add gossip girl

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