Denied! One Direction Kicked Out of Club

Spotted: the boys of One Direction shuffling lamely away from London hotspot Hertford Street after a snooty French doorman refused to let them in because of their “scruffy” jeans-and-tees attire.

one direction


Not even their manager could argue his way in with the cliche “Don’t you know they are?!” line:

“I know who zey are,” sniffed the manager, “and zey are only going in one direction! — zat way!”

Guess he’s a fan of The Wanted, eh darlings? Do you think that fame should trump the dress code? Or does a dapper lad always finish first?

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  1. landy Said:

    f*** off one direction i love you unknown french guy

  2. Aalia Said:

    I love One Direction and all but I’m also rational and it doesn’t matter WHO you are unless president or queen, you have no authority to even think you can get into a place just because you’re famous. Remember, you don’t appeal to EVERYONE and should be prepared for some to treat you as normal people.

  3. Babe25 Said:

    Loving this french guy- zey are only going in one direction!! Absolute legend!

  4. Clara Said:

    I like them but still think the french guy is hilarious.

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